Achintya Anand, Founder, Krishi Cress

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us Mr. Achintya Anand, a professional personality with a very interesting career. Mr. Anand is from Le Cordon Bleu, Adelaide. He has also been trained at the International Culinary Centre in New York. A trained and successful chef, Mr. Anand wanted to explore more skill sets and learn new things. With a good knowledge in culinary, farming is where he landed! Mr. Anand grows microgreens and organic vegetables. He also farms edible flowers that can be used in various cuisines! In those interesting interviews, Mr. Anand explained the meaning of microgreens for the audience and also threw light on the steps of farming organically. He described his venture Krishi Kress as a startup business focusing on post harvest handling and providing quality checked, naturally grown produce.  Mr. Anand believes that products of our country are as good as those of any other part of the world. He described how his venture is moving up the value chain and has formed an adequate market already.  Mr. Garg and Mr. Anand discussed the role of mentors in an individual’s life. Mr. Anand shared the story of his mentor and how he has helped him grow. With an unusual career such as his, Mr. Anand surely had some great advice for startup entrepreneurs. His most important advice to youngsters was to focus on their product, stay for the long haul and be open to learning new things!


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