Allard Droste, Entrepreneur

Allard Droste is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, professional dreamer, and founder of the movement “Dare to Share”.

Today The Brand Called You welcomes a very unique individual on the podcast. An entrepreneur and professional dreamer, Allard Droste certainly stands out of the crowd! He’s the owner of ALDOA, a metal working company that has won numerous awards. Allard has also authored a book that compiles his experiences. He is the initiator of Growing by Sharing and just last year, he donated a hundred thousand euros to individuals affected by the Coronavirus. 

Allard’s story is extremely inspiring and he shares it in a very interesting discussion with host Frits Bussemaker on today’s episode. Coming from a non- entrepreneurial background, it was very unusual for Allard to venture into the business field. But continuously following his instinct, Allard found himself buying ALDOA, a company that provides plating systems to the metal industry. With just 13 employees and a very challenging start, Allard succeeded in adjusting the employees under his new leadership and kick started his dream. Allard talks about the challenges he faced in order to stay afloat with the business. His opinions are open minded and inspiring!

“In my humble opinion, growing is something that is very positive. Growing on a personal level like being a better person, being a happier person, a more open person and far more fernable. But not growing by having more and material stuff and profit as a shareholder. So growing in my world, a very positive world is in combination with sharing!”

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As an entrepreneur, Allard is best known for running Aldowa in Rotterdam, a manufacturer of metal façades.  He got rid of job descriptions, appraisals and fixed working hours with an astonishing result; increased job satisfaction, extremely low absenteeism, wonderful team spirit and great long-term results. The key is simple, it starts with giving complete trust. Don’t just say it but do it. What you give, you get back.


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