Anil Goel, Tata Group Veteran and Author, Mask Behind the Face Coaching

“Management in order to succeed needs to deal with the winds of change”

On the Brand Called You, today we have with us Mr. Anil Goel. A Tata group veteran and a renowned author. Having worked at Tata house of industries, a company that is a hundred and thirty years old, Mr. Goel surely has given back to the community in his own ways. He has worked as a CFO at Tata Consumer Products, Mr. Goel has facilitated, implemented and managed business on a large scale level. Mr. Goel has not just worked for Tata Industries but has also contributed to the hotel businesses in India. He believes that the success of an organization depends largely on the COO, CFO and the board. He works towards keeping up with the fast changing trends and consumer behavioural patterns. He firmly believes in knowing the fine line between being cautious and taking risks. With his years of work and experience combined, Mr. Goel suggests that the three main keys to a budding business are perspective, product and consumer. 

Anil Goel, Tata Group Veteran and Author, Mask Behind the Face Coaching



Anil Goel retired in October, 2016 after over 35 years of service with the Tata Group. As the Executive Director & CFO of the Taj Group of  Hotels, Anil was charged with the task of overseeing the Taj Group’s Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Purchases, Legal , Secretarial  and Technology functions.  With over three and a half decades of experience in the Tata Group companies, in various financial roles, including that of the Chief Financial Officer of Tata Global  Beverages in the past, he brought  a unique understanding of fiscal responsibility to Taj.  

Anil was  also a Non-Executive Director in Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Limited, Oriental Hotels Limited, Tata Coffee Ltd, Watawala Plantations Ltd , United Overseas Hotels Inc, amongst others.

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