Anju Shahani, Certified Laughter Yoga Trainer

Anju is a laughter yoga expert and a human connection enthusiast.

Yoga is becoming prevalent throughout the world because of its innumerable benefits. Today we bring you a trainer who is an expert in laughter yoga, Anju Shahani. Anju currently lives in Dubai and has 20 years experience of teaching laughter yoga. She shares her beautiful journey of spreading love and laughter throughout the world.

She began her journey in Russia where she started as a laughter yoga coach. Now she visits organizations and has sessions with huge corporations all over the world. She talks about how laughter has the capacity to bring people together in spite of their values or beliefs. “People who laugh together, work together.”

Anju shares the innumerable benefits of laughter with us. She explains that laughter yoga is not laughing without any reason but has a detailed science behind it. It increases your lung capacity and helps you feel good by releasing endorphins in your brain. She teaches her clients how to laugh in a manner that will benefit their health. She also talks about other yogic practices like asanas and pranayama and shares their benefits as well. If you are a yoga enthusiast too, watch this interview and learn more about a whole other dimension of yoga.

Anju Shahani, Certified Laughter Yoga Trainer


Anju is a Certified Laughter Yoga Trainer, helping to grow the movement of Laughter Yoga for Health, Happiness and World Peace. Since 2011 she has brought joy and happiness to thousands of students and participants across Russia, UK, USA, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia and now in UAE. She has also trained and certified over 100 Laughter Yoga leaders across these countries who in turn are spreading the movement further.


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