Anuj Rakyan, Founder & Managing Director, RAW Pressery

Anuj Rakyan is the founder and MD of RAW Pressery, India’s first and largest clean label company. Anuj started his career in investment banking and moved to the world of brand consulting before embarking upon his own entrepreneurial journey.

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Growing up as an athlete, Anuj understood the importance of eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle. It all started when due to a back injury, Anuj was put on a diet which required nutritious, healthy eating and he discovered that there is no product on the shelf which was fresh & free of additives. There was no beverage brand on the shelf which was fresh and free of sugar, preservatives, artificial colour or flavours. On top of the that, the choice was limited with only fruit juices in the market and no veggie juices available for consumption. The Juices were also pasteurized impacting their nutritive value. He then just started making his own juices in his mother’s kitchen with a cold press to get fresh, nutritious juices to help his recovery. This gave birth to the idea of RAW Pressery where he realized that consumers like him who would value fresh, preservative & concentrate free juice made without added sugar in an array of juice and fruit blends. His keen interest in health and fitness and a visible gap in the market, led him to launch India’s first truly healthy “All Good. No Bad.” brand of cold-pressed juices.

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