Deepak Sharma, Hony. Director & Advisory Board Member, Udayan Care

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t was the year 1996 (I was 36 years old) when one of my colleague at ABB inspired me to support the community by whatever means possible. He was sponsoring a girl child with the annual school fee at Deepalaya an NGO .I immediately took details of the NGO from him and I too started sponsoring two  girls for their education at Deepalaya. So friends, this was my starting of a journey by giving back to society in my own little way. With passage of time apart from sponsoring two girl children at Deepalaya I also started supporting a girl’s education in one of the SOS village in Delhi. Around the same time I happened to visit Mother Teresa’s Missionary of Charity in Kolkata was so inspired by her devotion to society that I too decided that at some point of time I would also give back to society what God has given me.

It was not only financially supporting the girls in the two NGOs and mentioned above, but I along with my wife got associated with them and started celebrating our birthdays/anniversary with the children of the two NGOs from time to time. All this led to my taking a decision in early forties to give back to society in a much bigger and effective/impactful way. So around my early forties I decided that once I reach the age of 52-53 I will quit the corporate world as my only child (son) would settle by the time I turn 53 and would devote full time towards supporting girls’ education.

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