Dilshad Master, Director, Outward Bound India-Himalaya

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Dilshad has worked in the media and entertainment space for over 22 years. The broadcasting space was her playground and she has several television channel launches to her credit. Her last held broadcasting responsibility was as COO of UTV Entertainment and prior to that she was the Senior Vice President of National Geographic Channel and The History Channel, heading marketing and programming. As Senior Vice President of STAR TV, she was responsible for the launch of the STAR brand in UK. Her stints in senior positions at STAR TV, National Geographic Channel, and UTV Entertainment saw her gain deep insight into branding and positioning products in the entertainment space. “Of all the TV channels I worked with, the stint I enjoyed the most was at National Geographic Channel. As the head of programming and marketing, I devised show concepts and marketing strategies that were more ‘glocal’ in appeal – local connect with a global outlook. It’s always difficult to pick one marketing strategy that works around the world, and my main aim was to ensure that the  marketing strategies and communication collaterals we received from Washington made sense to the Indian viewer. Often, we simply had to tank the strategies we got and re-create them in an Indian context” she says.

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