Dov Mishor, Former Director General, Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry

Dov Mishor is a long-time Israeli economist with extensive experience both in the private and the public sectors.

The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome Dov Mishor, a very senior entrepreneur and bureaucrat from Israel. Dov is a Partner with Shirat Enterprises, Israel which is focused on hi-tech businesses with China. He is the Former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry. He is also an economist and has taught at Ben Gurion University, Israel. In conversation with host Ashutosh Garg, Dov shares the secrets to Israel’s booming startup industry. He shares the working of a business back in Israel and the challenges faced by Israeli companies while doing global business. Dov talks about his own partner  venture Shirat Enterprises Ltd. and the work done by the company.

About Shirat Enterprise Ltd.:

Israel is home to many young and growing startup businesses. The strength of these companies is global technology and digitisation. Shirat Enterprises helps such businesses reach their full potential by facilitating them with hi- tech entrepreneurship. Shirat helps startups by bringing in value to the businesses through strategic planning and investment. They act as Co-Founders to enhance the potential of startups. Large companies benefit from this venture by getting innovative sources to increase profitability. Dov Mishor, a partner at Shirat Enterprise Ltd. is an experienced government worker and an entrepreneur on an international level. He is a vital part of bringing in business at Shirat Enterprise.

Tune in to find out what Israel does differently that makes it the leader nation in startup businesses. And learn what it takes to set up a successful startup.

Dov Mishor, Former Director General, Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry


Currently Dov is a partner in Shirat Enterprises, an Israeli company engaged in business cooperation between Israeli Hi Tech companies and Chinese companies. This is done, among other things, through a local subsidiary registered in Tianjin China. Dov has a Master degree in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Dov spent many years in senior positions in the Bank of Israel following by a special appointment as the economic adviser to the Ministry of Finance in Israel


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In the years 1997 through 1999 Dov served as the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. This Ministry is in charge of policy formulation and implementation of most economic aspects of the economy.







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