Dr. Shalini Lal, Founder, Infinity OD

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    In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a vibrant conversation with Dr. Shalini Lal, Founder, Infinity OD. Dr. Shalini is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s Delhi, IIM-Ahmedabad, and UCLA. She is a board member of IIM-Jammu. The economics aficionado is a published other.

    Shalini talks about her early life and career. She shares the surprising story of getting into IIM Ahmedabad at the age of 20. She shares her experiences as a student at IIM-A. The specialist talks about the key differences between Organizational Development and Human Resources. 

    She shares insights about how to build a successful organization. She explains how organizations can evaluate the magnitude of their success or failure. She elucidates how to build an exemplary culture for a startup.

    Shalini lists the most common mistakes startup entrepreneurs make. She talks about how the difference in work culture can affect the company positively or negatively. She explains how to promote culture in a million-dollar company. She talks about how startup entrepreneurs should design their strategies.

    Later in the episode, Shalini talks about her first book, ‘The Secret Life of Organizations’. She answers a long-debated question- Is having a co-founder beneficial or detrimental? She tells how she maintains work-life balance despite her busy schedule. Before concluding, she lists out her learning from her biggest failures.

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    Indian Institute of Management, Jammu, India
    Member, Board of Governors
    IIM, Jammu is one of the newest IIMs, set in 2017 to focus on executives with a global orientation.
    Villgro Innovation Foundations, Chennai, INDIA
    Member, Board of Directors
    Villgro is one of India’s most respected social entrepreneurship incubators. It focuses on supporting entrepreneurship for the bottom of the pyramid. It is also an “Incubator of Incubators” working with leading institutes in India and with governments in Kenya, Vietnam and Philippines to support Incubators supporting social entrepreneurs. Besides general board advisory, I provide subject matter expertise on CEO Succession Planning, C-Suite Capabilities, Culture and Organizational Design.

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