Latika Thukral, Co Founder, Iamgurgaon

Winner of the Naree Shakti Award from the President of India, Latika Thukral has dedicated the talent honed by years at Citibank into making the lives of Gurgaon’s citizens much better. We talk to her about Iamgurgaon in detail.

It is a fact almost universally acknowledged that if a woman really cares about what she’s doing, she will give it her all. Latika Thukral, co-founder of Iamgurgaon, ex-Citibank and a Naree Shakti awardee, has been doing just that.What started as an idea to make the city she lives in better for her kids, has transcended all her expectations and grown into something she is passionate about. Her take on the importance of public spaces is refreshing and brings to perspective the struggles of all citizens, not just the privileged ones. 

We talk to her in depth about Iamgurgaon and her vision and inspirations. 


Latika Thukral is currently the Co-Founder of iamgurgaon, a not-for-profit social impact organization committed towards environment protection, which was started in 2010. As part of the shared vision and persistent implementation to make Gurgaon a better place to live in, the iamgurgaon team along with various stakeholders were able to create a 380 acres city forest (Aravali Biodiversity Park) carved out of a mining and stone crushing site. In 2018, a 5.2 km green urban mobility corridor called Eco Restoration of a Bundh was also completed. The team continues to work towards their goal of Million Trees Gurgaon (one of the flagship campaigns) by planting local native species in the city.

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