Martijn Aslander, Thought Leader, Public Speaker & Executive Sparring Partner

Martijn Aslander is a public speaker, thought leader, author as well as a tech philosopher.

About Martijn and his work: 

A thought leader and public speaker, Martijn Aslander is a one of a kind personality! Martijn is a lifehacker, speaker, documentary maker, technology philosopher, initiator of several events, author of a number of books and when he was 29, he built the world’s biggest dolmen! That’s the multi-faceted personality that our guest is! The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome Martijn Aslander on the vodcast today. In conversation with host Frits Bussemaker, Martijn shares his professional journey and the changes that he is bringing about with his work. Martijn talks about a new term ‘digital fitness’ and explains why it is important in the modern day. He also throws light on his choice of work in the Network and Information Age area. Information and network are two main and important aspects on which Martijn works. His focus lies on studying these concepts inside out which in turn helps businesses and leaders bring about technology and network driven changes. Martijn has authored a number of books about these topics and more. His goal is to make global change and bring about a paradigm shift with the work he does! He defines his Happiness and Success in a very precise manner!

Tune in to the full episode to know more about Martijn’s work!

Martijn Aslander, Thought Leader, Public Speaker & Executive Sparring Partner


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