Pavan Vaish, Head of UBER India and SA (Rides)

In this gripping episode of The Brand Called You, we are here with Pavan Vaish in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Pavan tells us about his early life as a student in Doon School, his transition from doing bad in school to getting the first rank in the whole school in science, to getting admission in IIT and then Stanford University, such has been the story of Pavan. He comes from a humble background and his story is inspiring for everyone who thinks they can’t make it big. He is the current head of central operations for India and SA at Uber. He is the former founder of Daksh and then former CEO of IBM Daksh. His experience of building a company from scratch as a newcomer, and taking it to such heights is truly motivating for the young start-up entrepreneurs. He talks about the importance of hard work and all the lessons he has learned in his life.


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