Pawan Gadia, CEO, Ferns N Petals

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In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a vibrant conversation with Pawan Gadia, CEO, Ferns, and Petals.

Pawan shares his experience starting to work when he was just 16. He shares the inspiring story of the humble beginnings of his journey. He talks about his ironic transition from the steel industry to the flower industry. He analyzes the dynamics of the flower business.

Pawan talks about how he rebuilt his company after a fall. He lists the ingredients that go into building a good team. He emphasizes the role of delegation and empowerment in a team. He examines the changing mindset of Indian consumers toward the floral industry.

Pawan defines ‘perceived value’. He shares his experience operating a country outside India and shares the secret of building a successful company. He tells us how to run a zero-debt company.

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I was born in Kolkata and started working at the age of 16, just finishing my 10th std. in 1986. FNP is my third job in 33 years. I have worked in a steel forging plant which supplied to Railways and my second role was as a factory head in an ancillary of Tata Motors. When I joined FNP 17 years back, we had around 10 flower shops and the mandate was to expand in retail, I took it up with gutso and realized we were loosing money. Within a year  the leaks were fixed and expansion was visible. In early 2002 we started our online portal and what a journey it has been. In the initial years we tried everything to increase our  domain presence without spending money mostly in terms of alliances and riding on rev shares instead of paying upfront which we dint have. By 2007 the business had grown big and was being professionally run by business head who quit taking the entire existing team and database and started this own similar business.

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