Prasoon Gupta, Co Founder & CEO, Sattviko

Prasoon Gupta, CoFounder & CEO, Sattviko has created a bunch of startups successfully. His love for cooking has finally manifested itself into Sattviko through which he is taking a bit of India to the world. He talks to us about his ventures and learnings.

Prasoon Gupta, CoFounder & CEO, Sattviko is a dynamic young individual from IIT-Roorkee who followed the lesser traversed path of entrepreneurship right from the beginning. 

He started a tech company called TechBuddy which he describes as ‘Coursera for India’. After a lucrative exit from the company, he turned to the food industry and Sattviko was born. He also headed a venture called, which was awarded the most innovative non-profit business idea. 

Dabbling in so many different spheres, what is certain is that Prasoon has a flair for all things entrepreneurial. His insights are sharp and it is clear that he has learnt and imbued a lot through his journey.


Sattviko is adding a little bit of Indianness to every home in the world.

Co-Founder & CEO
December 2013 – Present
New Delhi Area, India
India’s fastest growing food brand.

TechBuddy Consulting
Co Founder & CEO
November 2008 – March 2013 (4 years 5 months)
Coursera for India with 500+ experts on board. Trained more than 1,00,000 students across India. Successful exit in 2013.

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