Raj Lakhanpal, CEO, SpectraMedix

“My biggest fear is to let my company down!”

Today on The Brand Called You, we have with us the CEO of SpectraMedix, Raj Lakahnpal. From being an Emergency Physician to an Entrepreneur, Mr. Lakhanpal’s journey is one of a kind. Determination, motivation and growth positivity are some words that not only describe him but his companies and business styles as well. His team at SpectraMedix believes firmly in providing top notch healthcare facilities in the US with the help of analytical procedures. The focus of his company is largely on Value-based payments. He has used wisely, his experience from years at medical school into the extensive field of entrepreneurship.Mastering not only in theoretical medical knowledge and business, Mr. Lakhanpal excels in many activities in his leisure. He believes in accepting and learning from his failures. Being the visionary that he is, his beliefs definitely inspire many!


Raj is founder of SpectraMedix. His company helps payers and providers thrive in the world of Value-Based Payments. His team is dedicated to the belief that innovation and actionable analytics can positively impact the cost/quality equation of the US healthcare system.

To foster this transformation, the company introduced the SpectraMedix VBP Performance Suite, an integrated collection of applications that streamline value-based payment contracting, cost and quality performance improvement, and provider enablement. It is powered by The SpectraMedix Platform™, a HIPAA compliant, NCQA certified cloud-based architecture and measures engine that is the cornerstone of all SpectraMedix applications. 

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