Sanjeev Shriya, Founder, Smart Chip

He delivered the first SIM card in the country, built the first smart driving licence and worked on the Aadhar project. Sanjeev Shriya, Founder of Smart Chip, is a brand in himself.

Few people have what it takes to completely change the landscape of a country’s growth. Sanjeev Shriya, Founder and MD, Smart Chip, has done tremendous work in the digital identity sector. From SIM cards, to driving licences to the Aadhar, Sanjeev has pioneered the smart card movement in the country. 

He talks to us about identity, privacy, business and the mistakes startup entrepreneurs are making these days.

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Sanjeev Shriya has spent the better part of 3 decades in defining the landscape and creating new pathways for Identity and Digital security in India, with biometric and smart card technologies at its core. He founded Smart Chip and Syscom, the two companies that spearheaded the adoption and proliferation of Smart Cards, Sim Cards and Biometric Identity solutions in India. Starting with the launch of India’s 1st SIM card for cellular telephony in 1995, Sanjeev has collaboratively participated with the Telco industry in the revolution that is cellular telephony in India. His very early and deep engagement with majors like Hutchison Max (later Vodafone), Airtel & in recent times with the latest entrant Jio, has helped India transform the global communications eco-system.

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