Tim Boekhout van Solinge, Independent Criminologist & Consultant

Tim is an independent criminologist and an indigenous forest protection consultant.

Modern life has stolen many great things from us, from fresh air to our connection with nature. But many people still live in the forests and forests are their only source of survival, these people are called indigenous people. What happens far away from cities and in their lives if someone forcefully cuts the trees and tries to take away their homes from them? Tune in to this episode and learn what organized forest crime is and how Tim Boekhout van Solinge is helping to prevent it. 

Tim is an independent criminologist and an indigenous forest protection consultant who is also a specialist in drug trafficking and illegal drugs. He has worked with great organizations like the UN and helped solve organized crimes. Now he is investing his experience in solving organized crimes to prevent the forest crimes that happen in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. “About 80% of the deforestation in the Amazon is illegal.”

At a time like this when the earth is warming up each year, cutting down trees is a crime to humanity. Tim helps solve organized crimes that happen in the forest with the help of GPS! He helps with the corruption and violence in Brazil caused by intruders who try to take away the natural resources of traditional communities that are living in these forests. If they dare to resist, the gunman threatens violence. Illegal cutting of trees goes hand in hand with illegal land registration. Tim works with the communities in these forests and helps them fight back through the help of a GPS system.

A true nature lover, Tim believes in the inclusion of our world. “I’ve been in many places in the world and people sometimes tend to emphasize the differences between people, often based on religion, Christian, Hindu, Muslim… what I learned around the world is that we have more in common than, commonalities are much more bigger than the differences.”

In the interview, Tim suggests a few ways in which consumers and citizens can prevent deforestation. Tune in to find more!

Tim Boekhout van Solinge, Independent Criminologist & Consultant


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