Vivek Sinha, Founder & Editor in Chief, News Intervention

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1. Founder & Editor-in-Chief, News Intervention is the digital media platform to raise all those issues that may have been overlooked by big media houses. It gives space to all Writers/ Journalists/ Authors/ Activists/ Filmmakers/ Bloggers.
2. Chief Executive at the Chitra Bharati Film Festival (CBFF)-2018

Chitra Bharati Film Festival is a biennial film festival organized by the Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana. The second edition of Chitra Bharati Film Festival was held from Feb 19th till Feb 21st, 2018. As the Chief Executive, I was responsible for guiding the film festival team to invite film entries, secure sponsorships and streamline all other back-end operations at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi which was the venue of Chitra Bharati Film Festival 2018.
3. Author of Fiction Novel “Chip in the Madrasa”
The novel’s story is about a learned and progressive Maulvi sahab who wants to teach mathematics, science and computers at his madrasa in an Indian village. But local politicians want to scuttle all plans to introduce modern education at the village madrasa. These politicians  and political parties are funded by the Wahhabis who feel that a thinking Muslim mind will be anathema to their political agenda. Chip in the Madrasa is an insightful tale that unravels the vicious game of Wahhabis and their vice-like grip on Muslim minds across the globe.

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