Yash Gupta, Founder, YGR

“The Indian consumers are willing to pay if they see value in the product.”- Yash Gupta.

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in an insightful conversation with Yash Gupta, Founder- YGR. Yash is an alumnus of Harvard Business School.

Yash reminisces about his early life, education, and the inception of his illustrious career. He explains what motivated him to start a business on his own. He shares why he did MBA from HBS and the three advantages of an MBA.  He emphasizes the importance of getting into a world-class business school.

Yash analyzes the paradigm shift in various industries. He talks about his successful real estate business and other business ventures. He shares why he decided to become an entrepreneur when he could have run his family business. He shares his learning from his biggest failures. Before concluding, he shares insightful tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.


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