Naresh Kumra, CEO, Partner, Jmatek Limited and Founder & Director, La Rochelle Ventures Ltd

“If you take the path less travelled, the opportunities may be few but the availability of people to take up those opportunities will be even fewer”. Naresh Kumra’s journey has been a series of unconventional choices. After finishing his Bachelor’s from IIT D, he went on to take a job with Schlumberger in instrumentation, as compared to all of his other classmates who went to USA for master’s or pursued a job in IT . While working with Schlumberger, he got to head the research and development of electronic meters and even got to work in a factory. After finishing his MBA from Darden and working in consultancy with Mckinsey, he realised his true calling is to be a business owner. Here, he talks about how to make smart investments, the principles he abides by and his learnings along the journey. Tune in to find out more!


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