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Stephen Shaya | MD, Executive Servant Leader at J & B Medical

Stephen is the Managing Director and Executive Servant Leader at J & B Medical.
He graduated from Birmingham Brother Rice High School Summa Cum Laude and was awarded a Merit Scholarship to attend Wayne State University (“WSU”).

Melodena Stephens | Innovation and Tech Governance Prof, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, Dubai

Melodena is the Professor of Innovation and Tech Governance at Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, Dubai.
She is involved in addressing big questions at a pivotal point in history,

Eliza Yvette Esquivel, Founder, Love & Order and Radical Sabbatical Consulting

Eliza is the founder of Love & Order and Radical Sabbatical Consulting.
She has over twenty years of experience in global marketing and brand strategy.

Feras Alhlou | Co-founder, Advisor for New Consulting Businesses, ‘Start Up With Feras’

Feras is the Co-founder of Advisor for New Consulting Businesses.
He is the author of a book titled, “Google Analytics Breakthrough from Zero to Business Impact”.

Prof Drew Boyd, Professor-Educator of Marketing and Innovation, University of Cincinnati

Professor Boyd is a professor and educator of Marketing and Innovation at the University of Cincinnati.
He is the host of the podcast Innovation Inside the Box.

Nutrition Wisdom | Kajal Mahajan | Founder and Head Coach, The Positive Practice

Kajal is the Founder and Head Coach of The Positive Practice.
She holds a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition with an undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Health Psychology.