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Gunnlaugur ‘G’ Erlendsson | CEO, ENSO

Gunnlaugur ‘G’ Erlendsson is the Founder & CEO of ENSO, an innovative tyre technology company that makes better tyres for electric vehicles.
With a background in law and experience in private equity and venture capital, Erlendsson brings a diverse skill set to his role as CEO.

Pragya Goyal | Co-Founder and CEO, Vegh Automobiles

Pragya is the Co-founder and CEO of Vegh Automobiles.
She is passionate about revolutionising the EV automotive industry and creating a brand that stands for excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Milton G Stark, Speaker, Author, Consultant

Milton is a speaker. He’s an author and a consultant.
He has extensive experience in the energy industry and is working on his book, The SIxth W Of Project Management, which is scheduled for release in early 2024.