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Consulting / Coaching


Ashok Malhotra, Founder of EUM lens

Ashok has been working as a Process Consultant for the last 35 years and has worked with top management teams of over 60 organizations covering all Industry sectors- FMCG, Consumer Durables, Industrial Products, Banking and Financial Services, Software and IT Enabled Services, Management Consulting, Advertising, Hospitality Industry, Development Sector, etc.  

Education / Author


Vandana Chawla, Principal, New Era Public School, New Delhi

The Brand Called You, brings a professional from the #education field today. Ms. Vandana Chawla- Principal of New Era Public School. Vandana shares her journey into education and the vast experiences that she has gained on the way. The most intriguing part is that Vandana is also the owner of a #small business! Which makes her an #entrepreneur too!

Marketing / Media


Susan Josi, Managing Partner, Havas Life Sorento

At a time when brand managers were writing their own copy and visualizing their detailer layouts, almost 25 years ago in 1994, Susan moved out of her comfort zone to co-found a healthcare communication agency, which was a pioneering effort at that time in India.



Ajoy Khandheria, CEO, Optimal Home Health, Director, Emmanuel Healthcare & Founder, Gramin Health Care

An entrepreneur evangelist with over 25 years of experience in diverse business fields, Ajoy found his true calling in his quest to bridge the staggering healthcare accessibility gap in India.

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