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Sustainability / SDG / DEI / ESG / Impact

Bruno Bianchini is a sustainability coordinator with Google and a sustainability master’s student at Harvard University.
Bruno’s helps small and medium businesses rethink their operations to cut losses and get back to profitability.

Cheryl is a river keeper for the Milwaukee River.
She directs the citizen based water quality monitoring program in the Milwaukee River Basin.

Hayley is the Co-Founder of Waves Tech Ventures.
She is the Co-Founder of Women Making Waves.

Zoë is an investigative journalist.
She is the co-author of a book titled, “Inclusion Marathon.”

Agriculture / Food / Food Tech

Treasure is the CEO of the Treasure Markwanise Group.
He has a long growing history of being a chef all over the world.

Ankit Bagaria is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Loopworm which is an Insect Biotechnology Co.
He started the company immediately after graduating from IIT-Roorkee, where he studied chemical engineering.

Dr. Shende is the Chief Executive Officer of FarmSetu Technologies, India.
It is the full stack agri-food supply chain management platform focusing on the Indian agri market.

Vinita is the founder of Bhoomi.
She has combined her deep love for the Earth, humanity and sustainable design to create organic cotton.

Consulting / Coaching

Christina is a confidence coach.
She is the host of a podcast, ‘Decide it’s Your Turn Podcast.’

Claire Pedrick is a founding partner of 3D Coaching and author of books such as “Simplifying Coaching” and “The Human Behind the Coach.”
She’s also the recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Contribution to Coaching award from the Henley Business School.

Amir is the owner and chief executive officer of Amirror Group Organizational Development.
He is the co-founder and board member of Million Peacemakers.

Monte Pedersen is the Principal and Owner, The CDA Group LLC.
He had an extensive career in hospitality management.

Education / Author

Roy Moëd is the founder and CEO of LifeBook Memoirs.
He has worked over 100 autobiographies and memories, enabling your clients to pass on their stories to the next generations to come.

Lisa is a communications and storytelling strategist.
She’s the author of a book titled ‘From So What To So Funded’.

Aidan is the author of a book titled ‘Undisruptable – A Mindset of Permanent Reinvention for Individuals, Organizations and Life.’
And he’s the host and the founder of the Global Innovation Show.

Christopher Miller is a Business and Personal Development Coach.
He is the author of the book titled, The Joy of Finding FISH (Fulfilment, Inspiration, Success & Happiness).

Finance / Fintech

Ajay is the Chairman of Quantum Advisors.
He is the former Chairman of Syndicate Bank.

Ellen Rogin is an Abundance Activist, Financial Intuitive, Speaker, and Prosperity Expert.
She has co-authored several books including the New York Times Bestseller Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.

Joanne is the General Partner at REDDS Capital, a VC firm investing in global early-stage IT startups.
She is the Chair of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Steve Monaghan is a highly respected banking and technology professional based in Tokyo, Japan.
Steve began his career in the aviation industry before transitioning to technology and banking.

Government / Geo Politics

Ram is the Antarctic Expedition Leader at the India Meteorological Department, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India.
He is a retired Scientist-E, Finance Officer and the Director, Budget and Planning.

Ambassador Vishwanathan is a retired Indian diplomat.
He’s a writer and speaker, specialising in Latin America, American politics, markets and culture.

Dr. Michael Schluter is a social thinker and social entrepreneur.
He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Relational Peacebuilding Initiatives.

Mr. Garg is the former Finance and Economic Affairs Secretary of the Government of India.
He is an author, with notable works including “We Also Make Policy: An Insider’s Account of How the Finance Ministry Functions”, and “The $Ten Trillion Dream: The State of the Indian Economy and the Policy Reforms Agenda.”

Human Resources

Shivani is the Co-Founder of Ceekr.
She is very active in the Delhi Crafts Council and Kamala, the Craft Shop.

Mr. George is the Managing Director of Compassion Communication.
He is the author of a book titled, “Aha… Wow! Yes.”

Dr Allan is a corporate negotiator and mediator.
She is also the author of the forthcoming book ‘Negotiating with EQ’.

Suhasini is the Founder of DCODE Inspired Living.
She is a Life Mastery Coach.


Pragya is the Co-founder and CEO of Vegh Automobiles.
She is passionate about revolutionising the EV automotive industry and creating a brand that stands for excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Shawn is the Director of the Pez Museum.
He is also a prolific collector of this historic and noteworthy candy.

Dr (Col) Rajeev Kumar is a Consultant in Strategic Communication Management.
He’s a professor and a speaker.

Mehul Mehta is the owner of Corruseal Group.
He’s based in Durban, South Africa.

Marketing / Branding

Martin is the Decoder of Culture for Global Brands and Organisations.
He has worked on some iconic brands in the world like Diageo, Citibank, Ford, Jaguar, Kellogg’s, Nestle, KitKat, Unilever, Magnum, TRM, Sunsilk, Mercedes-Benz, and the United Nations.

Dr Amit Nagpal is the president and story coach at Bloggers Alliance.
He is a Marketer turned Professor turned Storyteller.

Beth and Holly are creatives working in the Pharma industry.
Beth is the Executive Creative Director of Life Sciences, Accenture Song.

Anjali is the Vice President and Head of Digital Studio, XDS.
She is a management professional cum multimedia specialist with more than 21 years of experience in the industry.

Media / Film

Manvi Gandotra is the Founder & Creative Director of 1Plus1 studio, a Wedding photography & Film studio.
She has won the Excellence Award at IIM Bangalore’s Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program.

Sandra is a Media Entrepreneur and a Board Member.
She is the Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Ladies Drive.

Madhu Purnima Kishwar is the founder and editor of MANUSHI, a journal about women and society.
She is a senior fellow at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library and a national professor at the Indian Council of Social Science and Research from 2017 to 2020.

Catherine is an award-winning author and a writing consultant.
She holds a graduate degree in Depth Psychology and Archetypal Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute where she has also taught.

Wellness / Healthcare / Pharma

Shweta Vyas is the co-founder of Upside Health.
She has also Co-Founded AugmentIQ Data Sciences (Acquired by LTI).

Kapil is the Founder of Solh Wellness.
He is a mental health activist.

Shanil Ebrahim is a Partner and the National Life Sciences & Healthcare Consulting Leader at Deloitte Canada.
Shanil is a senior advisor for multiple pharmaceutical, retail/specialty pharmacy , and public sector organizations.

Ramesh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Strand Life Sciences.
He is also a professor at the Indian Institute of Science, a member of the Indian Academy of Sciences and a distinguished alumnus of IIT Delhi.

Private Equity

Rajat is the Founder and Director of Padup Ventures.
He is an independent director on various boards.

Boris is the Founder of Growth Unlimited.
He is the Co-Founder of Numbrs, which is a fintech company.

Ajay is the General Partner of Trinity Ventures.
It is focused on early-stage investments in consumer and business applications and services.

Tochi is the Founder of Mesh Venture Partners.
She is currently the Deputy Managing Director of the Oxford Seed Fund.

Real Estate

Meg Bogdan is a solo parent who transitioned from a high-powered New York City career to Village Hill co-housing in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Richard Gatler, a retiree who, along with his wife, found solace and connection in Rocky Hill co-housing.

Tarun is the Founder and CEO of CoKarma.
He is a serial entrepreneur.

Joanna is a buyer’s agent and the director.
She holds an experience of over 25 years in the real estate market.

Ike Cha is the Chairman & CEO of Lionshare.
Ike Cha is a leader, visionary, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.


Vishal is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Timetech Group.
He started his entrepreneurial journey alongside his corporate job on a part-time basis.

Anurav is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LUZO.
LUZO is bringing about a revolutionary change in the beauty and wellness industry.

He is the Founder & President of 24SEVEN, Modicare, Colorbar, and Modicare Foundation.
He is an intuitive entrepreneur, constantly striving to bring new and radical ideas to life.

Srikanth is the chief executive officer and founder of OffiiNeeds.com, which is a leading Indian corporate gifting and custom merchandise company.
He started his career as an engineer with Infosys.


Murali Sagi is an experienced senior executive in IT management and law.
He was recognized with the Public Service Medal in 2007.

Lisa is the founder of the Metropolitan Law Group.
She has authored several books including The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Family from Uncle Sam, Opportunists, Uncertainty & Probate.

As a lawyer, entrepreneur, writer, art enthusiast, and business facilitator, Elikem Nutifafa Kuenyehia has successfully navigated various fields, showcasing his versatility and adaptability.
He co-founded Keystone Solicitors, a New Generation African law firm, focusing on a small number of clients, primarily high-net-worth individuals and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Robert is a food and beverage M&A attorney and is a partner with Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (BCLP).
He has held leadership roles in important civic and charitable projects and organisations, including NCCJ of Metropolitan St. Louis.


Pratik is the Senior Marketing Manager of the Global Institutes of Sports Business.
He is the Indian National Car Racing Champion for 2022-23.

Alex is the Founder of Athlete2Business.
He is also the co-host of Athlete2Business podcast.

Fred is the Senior Vice President, Commercial Sales and Marketing of the New York Jets.
He is an executive leader with proven strategic experience in the identification, analysis and implementation of aggressive strategies to further organisational growth and operations for the NFL, NBA and NHL franchisees.

Neel is a sports management professional and educator.
He is a life coach.

Supply Chain

Roberto Hernandez is the Consultant and Professor in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Procurement, at Keiser University

Marcell Vollmer is the CEO of Prospitalia Group.
He was earlier with BCG, Celonis, SAP, and DHL.

Dr. Talluri is the Hoagland Metzler Endowed Professor at the Broad College of Business, Michigan State University.
He is a professor of Supply Chain Management.

A seasoned Executive and now Entrepreneur with over 39 Years of experience in the fields of leading complex Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations, Medical Devices (Class 2 and 3), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Electronic Components and Assembly Operations, Project Management, Quality Assurance and -Management, Regulatory Requirements (FDA ff.), Business Development.

Social Sector & NGO

Taha is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Goodwall, which has a goal to give 100 million youth opportunities.
He’s a board member of Generation Unlimited.

Gregory founded E2 Adventures, a non-profit/charity specialising in organizing field trips for young students.
He is passionate about bridging education and the real world and inspiring the next generation to take active steps to develop a sustainable and innovative world.

Mesut is a passionate impact maker and has devoted his career to leveraging entrepreneurial principles to address social and environmental challenges.
He is the CEO and Founder of “Life After Disaster.”

Mr. Ferose is the Senior Vice President and Head of the SAP Academy for Engineering.
He is the Founder of India Inclusion Summit.

Technology / Automation / Web 3.0 / Metaverse

Théau Peronnin is a highly accomplished physicist known for his remarkable contributions to the field of quantum information technology and science.
He possesses an impressive educational background and is recognized as a leader in cutting-edge quantum technologies, particularly in the realm of fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Angelo is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of UMNAI, a leading AI company that is developing the next generation of hybrid intelligence.
He is an Artificial Intelligence Expert with more than 20 years of experience in creating and scaling innovative technology ventures.

Frits is a versatile individual operating across various disciplines and dimensions, including multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary domains.
He is recognized for his positive impact and contributions to engagements with governments, CEOs, investors, to collaborations with UN agencies.

Marisa has been doing remarkable, digital edge transformation together with digital transformation.
She has done digital transformation together with all of the ethical aspects of all of these burgeoning technologies.

Travel / Hospitality

Kimberly Erwin is the Principal of Lotus Marketing.
It is a unique “one-stop shop,” which collaborates with sales and marketing teams to deliver innovative hospitality marketing strategies, thoughtful branding, ongoing digital support, results-driven social media, and public relations management.

Seema Jain is the Founder and CEO of Seva Global – Growing Business Through Cultural Competency. She is also the Co-founder of two non-profit organizations – Supporting Excellence in Education Foundation (SEED) and Young Jains of America.

Vikram Lalvani is the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited, a leading leisure hospitality brand in India.
Vikram has over 26 years of incisive leadership experience in the Hospitality, Leisure and ITeS industries.

He is President, of Giersdorf Group LLC. He is the Founder, of Global Voyages Group.


Taha is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Goodwall, which has a goal to give 100 million youth opportunities.
He’s a board member of Generation Unlimited.

Gregory founded E2 Adventures, a non-profit/charity specialising in organizing field trips for young students.
He is passionate about bridging education and the real world and inspiring the next generation to take active steps to develop a sustainable and innovative world.

Christina is a confidence coach.
She is the host of a podcast, ‘Decide it’s Your Turn Podcast.’

Hayley is the Co-Founder of Waves Tech Ventures.
She is the Co-Founder of Women Making Waves.