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Sustainability / SDG

Shailendra Singh, Founder, SustainMantra, focused on Sustainability and the Circular

Green Easy is an organization that rates the built environment. There are many other popular organizations in different countries that do the same.

Anish Malpani, Founder, Ashaya, Managing Waste using Deep Tech

Anish is the Founder of Ashaya, a social enterprise that is focused on increasing the value of waste through deep tech. He also serves on the boards of three nonprofit organizations.

Prajapati Trivedi, Commonwealth Secretary General's Special Envoy for SDG Implementation

Performance management is the process of measuring the outcomes of the policies of the government.

Chandru Badrinarayanan Climate Change and ESG Strategist

The environmental crisis is bringing massive destruction to the lives of the people.

Consulting / Coaching

Rob Salafia, Founder, Protagonist Consulting Group (1)
Rob Salafia, Founder, Protagonist Consulting Group Rob is an authority on executive presence and transformative learning experiences. He combines two decades of experience as a top leadership development executive with a successful career in the performing arts. Podcast https://media.blubrry.com/tbcy/p/anchor.fm/s/a19b694/podcast/play/44389955/https%3A%2F%2Fd3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net%2Fstaging%2F2021-11-5%2F96a83bb8-4783-add0-1149-7308f471292b.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadFollow TBCY RSS Overview This episode is about a man who [...]
Rhett Power, Co-Founder, Courageous Leadership, Author, The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions

Rhett loves working with young people and says that there’s a lot he gets to learn from them.

Prakash Seshadri Sharma, Founder, SEE CHANGE Consulting (1)

Prakash states that coaching earlier used to be sharing one’s experiences with the younger generation and advising them about what to do and what not to do.

Erin Lee Jia Ning, Founder, Mindful Moments

Now she believes that if she is able to bring value and well-being to people’s lives and if someone says that mindfulness is working for them, she considers herself to be successful.

Education / Author

Esther Jacobs, 'No excuses lady', speaker, author, book writing mentor and digital nomad

Esther, when sees a new thing, doesn’t hesitate to try it out herself. That’s how she has been able to help so many people with different things by conducting workshops, coaching them and helping them build a community.

Alisa Cohn, Author, From Startup to Grown Up C Suite Exec Coach

She talks about her book and how she has aimed to help people and CEOs get a better baseline to run their businesses.

Ajay Kumar, Founder and CEO, Cognigix Digital Learning

Gone are the days when we used to go to learn to a certain place authorised for learning, now the learning has come to us.

Dr Barbara Flügge, Author, Mobility Moves Minds.

Leadership is a very subjective concept. Every leader is unique in their own way. Enhancing one’s leadership and finding the key to entrepreneurial success is a stepping stone for every leader in the corporate sector.

Finance / Fintech

Amir Banifatemi, Chair AI & Data for Good Global

Amir believes that an individual needs only one success to make a difference in the world. That success would come by observing the real problems in your surroundings and finding a solution that is sustainable.

Brendan McKittrick, Chairman Aeroband, Chairman HBAN, Dubai

At the beginning or trail phase, they targeted a few airports where they could implement the technology to see the experience.

Andreas Schweitzer, MD, Arjan Capital, Author, Trade Works

Andreas tells us that trade finance is a very quick cycle. Starting from 10 days, it does not generally go beyond 5 months. In most cases, it is a 6-week long deal.

David Jones, Partner, BSR and Co LLP, President, Royal Rangers Football Club

In this very interesting interview with Ashutosh Garg, David takes us through his professional journey and talks about his undying love for football!

Geo Politics

Hemal shares with us his journey of enlightenment and the incredible work he is doing. His organization Godharmic is a very unique venture that functions on compassion,love and service.

Bas talks about the opportunities that the pandemic has put forth with respect to digitization.

Dov Mishor, an entrepreneur and bureaucrat, demystifies the secrets behind Israel’s leading global position in business

Ratan ji answers some highly asked questions about the organization, it’s ties with the BJP and how pracharaks are making a name for themselves through RSS activities.


Devindran Ramanathan, MD ACS Asia Pacific, Fmr Malaysia Cricketer

Devindran Ramanathan shares his journey about how he got into cricket, and his experiences. He played his first game when he was 21 and he says that he always enjoyed the game.

R Gopalakrishnan, CEO, The Mindworks

Gopal shares his amazing journey of working with two of India’s most prestigious companies.

Partha has shared some very interesting anecdotes from his time at Coal India Limited and BCCL. He even talks about the current status of coal as an energy source and what the future beholds.

Prof Annemieke Roobeek talks to us about innovation and sustainability in the modern world.

Marketing / Branding

Vivek V Kumar, CEO, Lexicon Public Relations and Corporate Consultants

Talking about the milestones in his career, Vivek was very confident that his first milestone was joining the PR industry when it was in its initial days.

Ashwini Nair, Founder, The PeopleCo

She is the founder of PeopleCo. She works on brands which includes strategy, experience, design and digital.

Swapan Seth, Author, Brand Conductor, Thinkfluencer, Art Collector, Marketer

“Success and Failure are the best friends. Unknown to you and me they meet every evening and talk”.

Rajesh Srivastava, Fmr President, JK Helene Curtis, Author, The New Rules of Business

Rajesh tells us that he has been involved with many global brands for managing, training, consultancy and other services.

Media / Film

Today, The Brand Called You brings you a renowned film producer from our very own bollywood industry, Vivek Agrawal!

Insia Dariwala, Award-winning international filmmaker, Child rights activist & TEDx speaker

Insia Dariwala, filmmaker and activist talks about what can be done for children who go through sexual abuse and explains why it is rampant in our country.

Pradeep Dwivedi, CEO, India at Eros International Media Limited (ErosSTX)

Ashutosh Garg engages in conversation with our guest, Pradeep Dwivedi, CEO India of Eros International Media Limited.

Pavitra Chalam, Award-winning documentary filmmaker and Co-Creator of The Mums Word

In today’s episode we have an award winning documentary filmmaker, Pavitra Chalam. Pavitra has directed more than 200 films and has won several global awards for her documentaries

Pharma and Healthcare

Dr Rajani Battu, Co Founder, Eyestem Research, dedicated to Retinal Stem Cell Research (1)

Unfortunately many people with Retinitis pigmentosa are told they are going to lose sight very early on in life which may not be the case every time.

Arush Chopra, CEO and Co-Founder, Just Herbs, A Millenial focussed Ayurvedic Beauty Brand

Just Herbs is modern products with traditional practices, says Arush. He believes millennials are much more aware of what they want to use than the previous generations who used whatever they were served.

Ashwin Naik, Founder, Manah Wellness

He talks about the two books he has authored and also shares a sneak peak of his latest book “Keep calm and lead on”.

Marc Champagne, Mental Fitness Strategist, Author, Personal Socrates

Marc Champagne was hit with the self-realization of the necessity of strategizing Mental Fitness on a regular chaotic day at his pharmaceutical company.

Private Equity

Neeraj Saxena, Founder and Managing Partner, Xscale Accelerator

Neeraj tells us that Xscale Accelerator is unique in its composition. Unlike other accelerators, Xscale works with a maximum of 15 startups a year.

As a very experienced Angel Investor, Shahikant takes us through some very important aspects of investments. He throws light on the difference between angel investors and private equity. As a keen investor, he has invested in a number of businesses.

Abhishek Dalmia, Chairman, Renaissance Group

The investment guru, after describing his style of investing, explains what ‘value investing’ is.

Richard explains what he looks for in a company before making an investment.

Real Estate

Ajay Nayar, CEO, Freemans & Founder, SilverArc Mall

Ajay and Ashutosh engage in a gripping conversation around the real estate business and the process of setting up a mall.

Pratima Joshi, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Shelter Associates

Pratima has made it possible without the help of any government but her own and her team’s hard work and determination to do some good in society.

Ramneek Bakhshi, Former MD, (India), C&A Europe & Former Chairman, LJ Hooker

Ramneek and Ashutosh engage in a very interesting and important discussion with regard to ethics in business and in life.

Rushabh Vora, Co-Founder of SILA

He gives his insights into the changes in the market after the pandemic.


Bharat Sethi, CEO and Founder, Rage Coffee

Although coffee is not a traditional or an ancient beverage rooted in our culture, it has made its way into Indian households and is now a very integral part of many morning routines.

Pinky believes that the amount of harm we cause to the environment by constant consumption of fresh papers is alarming. She encourages the use of recycled paper which is an eco friendly and responsible option.

Vivek Lodha, Director, JVS Foods Pvt Ltd

Vivek is also a mentor to many entrepreneurs and shares how passion drives the founders but that is not the only requirement for a successful business.

Manpreet Singh, Treasurer, National Restaurant Association of India & Owner - Zen, Fujiya & Phoolwari (Delhi)

According to Manpreet, hard work is the key to any business or job. He strongly advises being honest towards one’s work.


Sonal Singh, Co-Founder, Fittr

Fittr is a platform that provides the right knowledge and guidance for health, fitness, and nutrition. Their vision is to make 50 million people fitter!

Chris Vein Dy CTO, Obama Admin; Chairman, Startup Policy Lab

The history of the American Government is known globally for its grandeur and developmental achievements.

S3-E011-Tara Bedi, Marie Curie Irish Research Council Research Fellow, Trinity College, Dublin

Tara explains her research work for our viewers and shares her work done at Malawi on gender and social protection.

S3-E002-Nitin Seth, Author, Winning in the Digital Age & CEO, Incedo Inc.

Nitin is in conversation about his new upcoming book about the opportunities and the reality of the digital age.

Supply Chain

Vivek Gaurav, Director Operations, Cipla Health Ltd

Failure in society is tied to self-esteem and self-acceptance. While it is only an obstacle and often a stepping stone to growth, it is still taboo.

Vikram Paul, Head, Global Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Development, Rhenus Logistics

Vikram takes us through the details of managing supply chains in the pharma industry. A professional with vast experience, Vikram has a lot of knowledge in the field.

Jonathan discusses the stance of the modern supply chain and the changes the industry has seen over the years

The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome a very senior Supply Chain Leader from Malaysia, Joel Solomon.

Social Sector & NGO

Shweta Verma, Founder, Ginny's Planet, A Social Enterprise (1)

Shweta says that it’s important for us to realize that we have made some mistakes in dealing with disabled people so far and we need to correct them.

Manisha Lad, Founder and ED, Akhil Autism Foundation, Director, Akhil Health Foods

“When it comes to autism, the child has to understand that I have to follow the rules of society and society has to understand that we have to tweak some of the rules for these individuals

Shweta Chari, Co Founder and CEO, The Opentree Foundation

Her initiative has helped hundreds of children grow up in a safer, engaging and a more secure environment.

He was inspired to build a company to help the people with disabilities to stand on their own through an NGO which taught computers to the blind.


Thejo Kote, Founder and CEO, Airbase

Thejo tells us that he moved to the USA about eleven years ago as a student. He says that India’s business ecosystem was less developed than it is today, so he was planning to work in the US only and he was very passionate about it.

Ihab Hinnawi, Fmr Group CEO, Bahrain Telecom (Batelco)

He tells us that the average age of telcos board room is 65, the average age of the management is 45 and the average age of their clients is 15.

Antony Randall, Co founder and CEO, Planet Home

“We built the world, we destroyed the world, and now we can fix the world”

Tom Allen, Founder, The AI Journal

Tracy talks a bit about her book as well and covers in detail every question asked about coaching and her journey.

Travel / Hospitality

Sandeep Walia, COO, Middle East, Marriott International

Sandeep shares his experience in working with one of the biggest hotel chains of the world. The Marriott International hotels are highly demanded and cherished globally.

Dhruv Pandit, CEO, Fedha Group, Kenya

Dhruv shares his wonderful values with us and tells us that success is not artificial numbers for him anymore, rather it is balancing yourself through the highs and lows in your life.

Ritu Goyal, MD, Ease India Travel & Chairperson RJGH Sukhodarka LLP

Ritu then answers our questions on how she manages to customize the group trips, despite the age and other factors of individuals traveling with her.

Anurag Mallick, Founder, Red Scarab Travel & Media

He then tells us how travel writing is different from the other forms of writing


Richard Katzman, Fmr Chairman and CEO, KAZ Inc, Investor and Advisor to Early Stage Cos

Mr. Katzman is also a bit awestruck seeing the present amazing levels of valuations.

Pradeep Kar, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director at Microland Limited

Pradeep tells us that he doesn’t have a single role model. Everyone he can learn from could be his role model.

Andreas Schweitzer, MD, Arjan Capital, Author, Trade Works

Andreas tells us that trade finance is a very quick cycle. Starting from 10 days, it does not generally go beyond 5 months. In most cases, it is a 6-week long deal.

Oleg Volkosh is the president of Media Plus Group in Russia.