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Sustainability / SDG

As one climbs the corporate ladder and reaches executive positions, coaching becomes more paramount for self-awareness, driving transformations.

The percentage of vegans and vegetarians is as small as 6-11% in this world as per the United Nations’ figures.

The biases that we have and the ways in which these are deeply rooted in our cultures and our societies are very hard to change.

About 20 years ago, people did not know the meaning of these words. They certainly did not know that is called ESG.

Agriculture / Food / Food Tech

Urban farming has been around for decades. Now, it’s becoming more popular as people are realizing the need to reduce food miles and the environmental impact.

Who doesn’t want to grab a quick burger after a hectic day? No time to wait for an elaborate meal? Well, you always have a burger.

Technology is helping in sourcing. We can process millets to get puffs and make bakery products.

Mr. Subhabrata Maitra, an incredible businessman with expertise in the food industry. Tune in to listen about working in the hotel business, the adoption of new technology, and the impact of food on our life.

Consulting / Coaching

Networking, they say, is about planting relationships. Networks help you when you need a better position.

The trend of coaching has increased significantly in recent years, and so does their need.

The trend of coaching has increased significantly in recent years, and so does their need.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are vital to creating and maintaining a successful workplace.

Education / Author

The social stigma of obesity is broadly defined as bias or discriminatory behaviors.

Networking, they say, is about planting relationships. Networks help you when you need a better position.

Hardships are a part of life that everyone must deal with. These hardships can either enable you to succeed or cause you to fail.

If you have ideas that you believe, we surround you with a team of professionals.

Finance / Fintech

For those of us who are not yet familiar with the concept of the blockchain, it is a digital entity that records a transaction or a series of transactions.

If you don’t have a monthly financial statement, balance sheet, and cash flow, you are heading for trouble.

It comes from the group leadership with trust. When you say LEADERSHIP, you TRUST!

Bloccelerate is a Seattle based venture that funds the early stage blockchains powered initiatives.

Government / Geo Politics

The world is changing, and so is the future of war. Nations should stay vigilant about protecting their people and territories.

As a refugee when you arrive in the country, especially here in the Netherlands, you have to follow a certain system.

There is more gender equality not only because of the law but also because the mindset has changed.

Combat is no longer limited to land, sea, and air; it now occurs in the digital realm and outer space.

Human Resources

Leadership is an important function that enables an organization to focus its energies and resources.

Racism against black people is still prevalent today. Black people are often targets of discrimination and violence in many countries.

The role of HR has evolved from being just a support system to a C-suite executive partnership, owing to the fast-paced changing work environments.

The key changes that happened in the business environment because of the pandemic.


Gerhard tells us that KTC Group operates in apparel contract manufacturing. They started this work 50 years ago in Hong Kong. In 1981 they moved to China as the Chairman of KTC was told by fellow Austrians to do so.

The way to measure a company’s culture is to see the change happening and measure the suggestions they are receiving from people.

Ravi proudly tells us that the most valuable asset he has in his business today is his 73 years old father who has no idea of the technology and resources they use, but the questions he asks Ravi about the business are very pertinent and thought provoking.

Devindran Ramanathan shares his journey about how he got into cricket, and his experiences. He played his first game when he was 21 and he says that he always enjoyed the game.

Marketing / Branding

In today’s world when looks are more important than ever, many men still fail to recognize the importance of personal grooming.

“Your location raw is not your destination. Where you are today is not where you are going to be at tomorrow.”

Entrepreneurship may be defined as the visualization and realization of new ideas.

With the entire world using the Internet for their work, digital marketing plays an important role in reaching the right audience.

Media / Film

A storytelling company can help you understand what your brand is all about and how you can tell your brand’s story to the right audience. Today we have Reena Friedman-Watts, Founder of Better Call Daddy Show; and MegaWatts Productions.

Stand-up comedy is something many of us dream of, but how do you get started in the world of comedy? What’s the process?

Founder of numerous startups, Charu has been recognized as the LinkedIn Wonder Woman and has been felicitated with many global awards.

Even well-known names like Warren Buffet call Bridge a sensational game, so much so, that Buffet feels he wouldn’t mind being in jail if he had 3 cellmates who were decent players.

Pharma and Healthcare

Women have been socialized to accept shame regarding their bodies, their sexuality.

Old age, we all know, is a sensitive age where one longs for love, care, and company to lead the rest of life.

Our physical and mental well-being is always at stake. In a rush to achieve all the to-do lists of life, we often take our fitness for granted.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars have always been sources of great mystery. People looked to the night sky for answers to questions about life

Private Equity

Mr. Katzman is also a bit awestruck seeing the present amazing levels of valuations.

Neeraj tells us that Xscale Accelerator is unique in its composition. Unlike other accelerators, Xscale works with a maximum of 15 startups a year.

As a very experienced Angel Investor, Shahikant takes us through some very important aspects of investments. He throws light on the difference between angel investors and private equity. As a keen investor, he has invested in a number of businesses.

The investment guru, after describing his style of investing, explains what ‘value investing’ is.

Real Estate

He has found out that it is not the owners or tenants who are trying to twist the facts.

How different it is to manage commercial real estate and residential real estate? Pradeep tells us that residential estates are sensitive. People are emotionally connected to their houses.

He is an environmentally friendly architect. Sanjay Prakash is the principal consultant of Studio for Habitat Futures (SHiFt).

Spatial Designing is a new conceptual designing discipline whose range ranges from architecture to art and blurs traditional academic divisions like interior architecture, public art etc.


With Tata supporting Soulfull, the company is constantly working on building a strategy to bring out strong Foods which are also ecosystem friendly.

In Joe’s opinion, technology is changing the food business in every way. Use of technology in the food business got a push especially during the pandemic.

Akshay tells us that many buyers and sellers have reached out to him through social media.

Although coffee is not a traditional or an ancient beverage rooted in our culture, it has made its way into Indian households and is now a very integral part of many morning routines.


A class-action lawsuit refers to a lawsuit by a large group of people with a similar legal problem.

Nada states that when it comes to furniture design, it is about conceptual thinking and the way people approach the design and not about the size of the house.

He talks about the power of the internet and also how it can be dangerously used.

Fittr is a platform that provides the right knowledge and guidance for health, fitness, and nutrition. Their vision is to make 50 million people fitter!


Ashutosh and Harsh converse about the present status of the sport in the country. Harsh strongly believes that the professional, economic and technical aspects of the game have changed greatly.

Fitness is a part of every sport, whether it is cricket, football, or squash. Squash being a high agility sport, Saurav shares the fitness training a player has to go through to become the best.

Golf as a sport is always given bad press for not being a real sport. Today on our show, we have a gold coach, Tarun Sardesai in conversation about Golf Coaching and much more, tune in!

Meet Dr. Charudatta Jadhav, a visually impaired chess player, chess promoter, and a senior professional from Tata Consultancy.

Supply Chain

The new trend of 10-minute delivery or 30 minutes delivery from grocery e-commerce platforms, is disrupting the supply chain systems.

We need a network when we are geographically distributed. We need connectivity to a single system.t is our ability to be able to connect people using technology.

When asked about India’s key supply chain, Deepayan speaks extensively on India’s agricultural state, calling it complex.

A seasoned professional with 30 years of work experience in Business Management & Operations, Technology Solutions, Brand Building, Security, and Emergency Response.

Social Sector & NGO

Convincing family and friends to become a full-time entrepreneur and leaving the job was a big challenge.

India Leaders for Social Sector (ILSS) is a learning and development organization that aims to build capacity and leadership talent in the Indian social sector.

Americans were familiar with the European Culture and this has made it easy for the artists.

At an individual level, farmers hold fragmented land which is very small.


Starting a business requires a lot of effort and commitment. It’s important to know what’s involved and if you’re suited to business and self-employment.

Cloud technology has become an indispensable part of our lives personally and professionally. It has become unimaginable to live without it.

We are living in the digital age. Almost all our activities are digital. Many of us don’t even remember the last time we used a pen and paper.

We are living in the digital age. Almost all our activities are digital. Many of us don’t even remember the last time we used a pen and paper.

Travel / Hospitality

Bashar Wali is a hospitality expert. He is the founder and CEO of Practice Hospitality and This Hospitality. He founded these startups during the pandemic. Practice Hospitality is a hotel management company. They work for different hotels and help them manage them and serve hospitality there the right way.

Aashi shares her amazing story with us. From industrial designing to travel and then to cooking, her journey is exceptionally unique and enriching.

Sandeep shares his experience in working with one of the biggest hotel chains of the world. The Marriott International hotels are highly demanded and cherished globally.

Dhruv shares his wonderful values with us and tells us that success is not artificial numbers for him anymore, rather it is balancing yourself through the highs and lows in your life.


Entrepreneurship may be defined as the visualization and realization of new ideas.

Skincare is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance, and relieve skin conditions.

TinkerLink is based on the trust generated from real recommendations by people you already know.

We hear a lot and pay attention to physical fitness, essential for our body. But, equally important and often neglected is the concept of mental fitness.