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Consulting / Coaching

Today we bring you Rob Kanzer to tell you why coaching is not limited to just sports and share with you the tricks of communicating effectively, either in a corporate setting or personally.

We learn about Michelle’s early life and a tragic accident that happened when she was only 11 years old.

S3-E012-Balazas Simon, Mischief Soul Searching Officer, LifeCampus

Simon talks about his work in Congo and how this naturally rich country has been exploited over the decades.

S3-E007-Mindy Howard, Commercial Astronaut Trainer

Mindy explains the common traits of people who are best suited for commercial space travel, which include being adventurous, challenging, extraordinary, and must have a lot of money.

Education / Author

The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome this highly insightful and successful personality, Ammar Charani on the show.

A republican candidate for the Secretary of State, Pete shares his experiences while running for office.

Babar Khan Javed addresses the challenges he faces on a daily basis as an impartial newsman.

Alex talks about the importance of purpose in building a profitable business.

Finance / Fintech

Huzeifa speaks about the distinct qualities of his firm that make it stand out from the others.

S C Sharada, Founder, SC Sharada and Associates, Company Secretaries

As a Company Secretary who has an experience of 20+ years, Sharada talks about the central role of the job. She firmly believes that her role is multi fold and holds high expectations.

Shailesh shares with us his knowledge on the integration of the environment in business.

Sumit Shukla CEO, HDFC Pension Management Company Ltd

However, in this modern age with hundreds of retirement opportunities, plans and schemes available to the general public we can now steadily start planning our retirements in our 20s itself!

Geo Politics

Dov Mishor, an entrepreneur and bureaucrat, demystifies the secrets behind Israel’s leading global position in business

Ratan ji answers some highly asked questions about the organization, it’s ties with the BJP and how pracharaks are making a name for themselves through RSS activities.

Ratan ji talks about the formation of RSS and explains the range of activities done by the shakhas.

Ratan Sharda ji talks about the spirit of RSS by answering some very basic questions about the century old organization.


Bobby Joseph Country General Manager, Lixil India

A senior corporate leader in India, Bobby talks about leadership styles and shares his insights on how to build a successful brand.

Sameer Gupta talks to us about the special “swarna” haldi that is being used in Haldivita’s products and the benefits of curcumin

Lord Karan

Lord Bilimoria talks about his journey from India into the UK. And the many milestones that he has achieved on the way

Aditya Gupta Owner of The Rug Republic, Owner of Sharda Exports & Owner of The Furniture Republic

Aditya shares some very interesting business tips and relates them to his own journey and experience.

Marketing / Media

Ragini talks about her venture Leap Club and highlights the importance of networking in business.

Pranshu talks about his firm The Pivotals and majorly covers the process of corporate crisis management.

Falak Jalil throws light on the years of experience she has gained working for top notch brands.

Lulu talks about some very important aspects of branding like relevance, differentiation, knowledge and esteem.

Pharma and Healthcare

Saumyajit explains that elderly care is so much more than just healthcare. He explains the challenges and discrimination elder people go through.

Wim Leereveld, Founding Chair, Worldbenchmarking Alliance

Wim talks about the correlation of purpose and profit in business.

Purnota Dutta Bahl, Founder & CEO, Cuddles Foundation

Purnota explained how out of 60,000 kids diagnosed with cancer every year in the country, only 12,000 make it to the hospital!

Mitali Tandon, Founder, Morning Fresh

These natural ingredients help the liver process and break down the alcohol overnight so that the consumer is fresh by the next morning!

Private Equity

Richard explains what he looks for in a company before making an investment.

Peter talks about leading Hoyts, a prominent movie company that operates more than 450 screens.

n his opinion they should build it independently before turning to funding options.

He believes that entrepreneurs often create problems to suit their solutions and which is considered as a mistake from a wider point of view.

Real Estate

Pratima Joshi, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Shelter Associates

Pratima has made it possible without the help of any government but her own and her team’s hard work and determination to do some good in society.

Ramneek Bakhshi, Former MD, (India), C&A Europe & Former Chairman, LJ Hooker

Ramneek and Ashutosh engage in a very interesting and important discussion with regard to ethics in business and in life.

Rushabh Vora, Co-Founder of SILA

He gives his insights into the changes in the market after the pandemic.

Prakash Gurbaxani Founder and CEO, QVC Realty Company

Prakash talks about the core values ingrained in his business along with defining his unique leadership style.


Vivek Lodha, Director, JVS Foods Pvt Ltd

Vivek is also a mentor to many entrepreneurs and shares how passion drives the founders but that is not the only requirement for a successful business.

Manpreet Singh, Treasurer, National Restaurant Association of India & Owner - Zen, Fujiya & Phoolwari (Delhi)

According to Manpreet, hard work is the key to any business or job. He strongly advises being honest towards one’s work.

Anina.Net, Founder of 360Fasion Network, Actress, Leader and Influencer

She shares some very interesting anecdotes which mark important turning points of her life. 

Surabhi Talwar, Co-Founder and CEO, Happy Jars Pvt Ltd

Happy Jars has created an almond peanut butter and chili-flavored peanut butter for such purposes. 


S3-E011-Tara Bedi, Marie Curie Irish Research Council Research Fellow, Trinity College, Dublin

Tara explains her research work for our viewers and shares her work done at Malawi on gender and social protection.

S3-E002-Nitin Seth, Author, Winning in the Digital Age & CEO, Incedo Inc.

Nitin is in conversation about his new upcoming book about the opportunities and the reality of the digital age.

Shailja Dutt, Chairperson & Founder, Stellar Search

Shailja talks to us about the scope of work done by her search firm, she tells us that her firm now has a presence in all of southeast Asia, India, and Africa.

He spoke about science and spirituality, his roles in the different departments he worked with and his secret to a healthy and fit life.

Supply Chain

The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome a very senior Supply Chain Leader from Malaysia, Joel Solomon.

Ranjeet throws light on the working of cold chains and how temperature sensitive materials are managed and delivered soundly

Abhishek talks about the impact of the pandemic on supply chains and explains the relevance of digital freight forwarding in the new world order

Sreenivas highlights the increasing relevance of a supply chain manager and the changes that have taken place over the years with respect to this position.

Social Sector & NGO

N K Chaudhary

The secret behind a successful and conscious business is the values the business stands on.

Joelle Casteix

Joelle throws light on the normalization of institutional cover up. She explains how a predator is protected and covered for by many major institutions.

In her opinion, running a charity and running a business are not very different.

Janki shares the story of her organisation Samvedna- a nonprofit.


Frits and Carlos engage in the most interesting discussion about the many issues people face in global societies.

In conversation with our host, Mukundan shares his professional journey with us

Sotirios Stasinopoulos,Co founder of MENATHLON S.A.

Sotirios shares his journey into the world of robotics. He shares many anecdotes behind his age old love for robotics and technology.

Today, The Brand Called You welcomes one such very professional individual from the field of Geotechnics, Arushi Gujral Bhalla.

Travel / Hospitality

Sandeep Walia, COO, Middle East, Marriott International

Sandeep shares his experience in working with one of the biggest hotel chains of the world. The Marriott International hotels are highly demanded and cherished globally.

Dhruv Pandit, CEO, Fedha Group, Kenya

Dhruv shares his wonderful values with us and tells us that success is not artificial numbers for him anymore, rather it is balancing yourself through the highs and lows in your life.

Ritu Goyal, MD, Ease India Travel & Chairperson RJGH Sukhodarka LLP

Ritu then answers our questions on how she manages to customize the group trips, despite the age and other factors of individuals traveling with her.

Anurag Mallick, Founder, Red Scarab Travel & Media

He then tells us how travel writing is different from the other forms of writing


HS Low, Founder, Vision Animation

HS believes that animation is a very important aspect for storytelling. It is the animations that make a story compelling. While talking about his passions, HS also shares his work with impact startups.

We are pleased to welcome Florian Kemmerich on the podcast today. Florian is the Managing Partner of Bamboo Capital Partners and is an impact investor

Anju Shahani, Certified Laughter Yoga Trainer

Anju shares the innumerable benefits of laughter with us. She explains that laughter yoga is not laughing without any reason but has a detailed science behind it.

Patricia Bonaert, Co-Founder, Expatkit & Advisory Board Member, MixR

Patricia draws her inspiration from different types of Art! She believes in being aligned and grounded with her values.