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Théau Peronnin, Co-founder, CEO Alice & Bob; Physicist

Théau Peronnin is a highly accomplished physicist known for his remarkable contributions to the field of quantum information technology and science.
He possesses an impressive educational background and is recognized as a leader in cutting-edge quantum technologies, particularly in the realm of fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Nina Urman, Life Coach & Facilitator – Self-Mastery for Top Leaders

Nina Urman is a Life Coach and Facilitator for Self-Mastery for Top Leaders.
She is a Russian-German former professional tennis player, with over 10 years of experience delivering transformation around the world.

Céline Schillinger | Founder |We Need Social | Author | Consultant

I grew up in Bordeaux, France in a family passionate about art, culture and travel. I studied political science as the general interest appealed to me, but felt attracted by the pace of private business. So, I added corporate communications to my curriculum and then got my first job in a small IT business whose main market was China.

Robertson Stewart | RHS Consulting |

My experience as an employee and manager has now stretched over nearly 40 years, during which time I’ve had numerous opportunities to learn. Arriving in France in 1992 and not speaking a word of French I managed to work my way up from cleaner to General Manager of some of the biggest Luxury Hotels in Europe (three of those hotels with a thousand rooms or more).