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Dr Ev Fedorenko, Assoc Prof of Neuroscience, McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Ev Fedorenko is a cognitive neuroscientist specialising in the study of language.
Throughout her entire adult life, she has dedicated herself to understanding how the human brain supports the use of language.

Dr Bandy X Lee | Forensic psychiatrist; Author, ‘Profile of a Nation: Trump’s Mind, America’s Soul’

Dr Bandy is a forensic psychiatrist and a world expert on violence.
He became known to the public by leading a group of mental health professionals in Breaking the Silence, about Donald Trump’s psychology.

Dr. Beatriz Olson | Author, Mind Body Secrets – A Medical Doctor’s Spiritual and Scientific Guru

Dr. Olson is an integrative endocrinologist.
She is also board-certified in metabolism, diabetes, internal medicine and age management medicine.

Meg Bogdan and Richard Getler | Co-Housing

Meg Bogdan is a solo parent who transitioned from a high-powered New York City career to Village Hill co-housing in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Richard Gatler, a retiree who, along with his wife, found solace and connection in Rocky Hill co-housing.