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Guillermo Söhnlein | Chairman and CEO, WayPaver Foundation

Guillermo is the Co-Founder at Humans2Venus, a global community focused on establishing a permanent human presence in the Venusian atmosphere.
He is an Independent Board Member and Social Entrepreneur.

Enrique Lizaso Olmos | Founder and CEO, Multiverse Computing

Enrique is the Founder and CEO of Multiverse Computing, a boutique quantum company for finance.
He is a highly multidisciplinary individual with expertise in various fields, including mathematics, engineering, medicine, finance, statistics, quantum computing, and more.

Sarah Dawkins | Holistic Health Coach | Keynote Speaker | Author | Heal Yourself |

She has extensive experience in health and wellness gained through her years in nursing and her insatiable drive to improve overall health through nutrition and natural means.
Sarah takes a holistic approach to her work, understanding that healing is not only physical but mental, emotional and spiritual and supports clients to find and heal the root cause of their health issues.

Debora Prossomariti, Personal Branding & Strategic Marketing Consultant

She got familiar with personal branding during her times of job search. She is very passionate about sharing her voice and helping others build their brand.

Debbie Jenkins | Publisher & Creation Coach | Founder and Publisher | The Asset Path

I love working with smart consultants, coaches and mentors who are brilliant at serving their clients and also need to take care of their practice.

Francisco Benedito, CEO ClimateTrade, Co Founder, ClimateCoin

Francisco tells us that the biggest challenge faced with regard to climate change is finance. Earlier people did not get information about how their money is being used to create a positive impact on the climate. However, with the introduction of blockchain technology in climate markets, this situation is better.