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Lisa Perry | Global Brand Marketing Executive; Author, ‘How To Develop A Brand Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide’

Lisa is a Global Marketing Executive.
She is the author of a book titled, “How to Develop a Brand Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide”.

Anita Goyal, MBE, Chair and Trustee, The Hemraj Goyal Foundation; Trustee, Hallmark Care homes Foundation

Anita is the Chairman and Trustee of The Hemraj Goyal Foundation.
She is the trustee of The Hallmark Care homes Foundation.

Marc-Antoine Tschopp, Author, ‘Elevating CEO Consciousness: 6 Steps for Leadership in the Storm’

Marc-Antoine is a conscious whisperer.
He is the author of a book titled Elevating CEO Consciousness: 6 Steps for Leadership in the Storm.

Justin Breen | Founder and CEO, BrEpic Network

Justin is the Founder and CEO of BrEpic Network, a company dedicated to amplifying the stories of visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders.
With a background in journalism, he has a unique talent for identifying and telling compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.

Christopher Rubin | Chief Creative Officer (CCO),

Christopher is the Chief Creative Officer of
He entered the world of marketing as a copywriter, where he had the opportunity to work on accounts for major brands like Disney and Hard Rock Cafe.

Jesse James Wroblewski, CEO, Supervillain; Author, ‘Marketing For Supervillains’

Jesse is the Chief Executive Officer of Supervillain.
He’s the author of a book titled, Marketing for Supervillains: Diabolical Tips on Differentiation, Decommoditization and World Domination.