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Dr. Srinivas Talluri | Hoagland-Metzler Endowed Professor, Broad College of Business, Michigan State Univ

Dr. Talluri is the Hoagland Metzler Endowed Professor at the Broad College of Business, Michigan State University.
He is a professor of Supply Chain Management.

Rainer Wolf, Founder, MD, Wolf Results Coaching & Consultancy Pte Ltd

A seasoned Executive and now Entrepreneur with over 39 Years of experience in the fields of leading complex Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations, Medical Devices (Class 2 and 3), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Electronic Components and Assembly Operations, Project Management, Quality Assurance and -Management, Regulatory Requirements (FDA ff.), Business Development.

Anjani Mandal, Co-Founder & CEO, Fortigo Network Logistics, The Truck Network

We need a network when we are geographically distributed. We need connectivity to a single system.t is our ability to be able to connect people using technology.