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Peter Johnson, Futurist, Educator, Advisor, former Diplomat; Founder, Ayadee Foundation

Peter has an outstanding background with contributions in various fields such as futurist, educator, advisor, and a past diplomat.
He constantly creates, and delivers value across so many different communities, whether it’s CEO committees and corporations or UN or NGOs, and some capacity in them and contribution.

Taha Bawa, Co-founder and CEO, Goodwall; Board Member, Generation Unlimited

Taha is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Goodwall, which has a goal to give 100 million youth opportunities.
He’s a board member of Generation Unlimited.

Gregory Frank, Founder, E2 Adventures

Gregory founded E2 Adventures, a non-profit/charity specialising in organizing field trips for young students.
He is passionate about bridging education and the real world and inspiring the next generation to take active steps to develop a sustainable and innovative world.

Dr Amir Kfir and Gil Kfir, Co-founder and Board Member, Million Peacemakers

Amir is the owner and chief executive officer of Amirror Group Organizational Development.
He is the co-founder and board member of Million Peacemakers.