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Dr Amir Kfir and Gil Kfir, Co-founder and Board Member, Million Peacemakers

Amir is the owner and chief executive officer of Amirror Group Organizational Development.
He is the co-founder and board member of Million Peacemakers.

Roy Moëd, Founder & CEO, LifeBook Memoirs

Roy Moëd is the founder and CEO of LifeBook Memoirs.
He has worked over 100 autobiographies and memories, enabling your clients to pass on their stories to the next generations to come.

Molly Blomquist, CEO, Expert in risk management, high-stakes negotiations, interrogation techniques

Molly is the Chief Executive Officer.
She’s an expert in risk management, high-stakes negotiations, interrogation techniques, artificial intelligence, body language analysis and security strategy and planning.

Harry Sanders’ Inspiring Journey of Resilience | Harry Sanders, Founder, StudioHawk

Harry is the founder of StudioHawk, an award-winning dedicated SEO agency in Australia, specialising in providing quality SEO services to businesses.
His journey has been chronicled by Forbes and BBC World News.

Giovanna D’Esposito, Sr Portfolio Director, Whysol Investments; Fmr GM, Uber, Southern Europe

Giovanna D’Esposito is a Senior Portfolio Director at Whysol Investments.
She is also the former General Manager of Uber, Southern Europe.

Prof Elikem Nutifafa Kuenyehia, Chairman, Keystone Solicitors, a New Generation African law firm

As a lawyer, entrepreneur, writer, art enthusiast, and business facilitator, Elikem Nutifafa Kuenyehia has successfully navigated various fields, showcasing his versatility and adaptability.
He co-founded Keystone Solicitors, a New Generation African law firm, focusing on a small number of clients, primarily high-net-worth individuals and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Jody LaVoie, Founder, Widows in the Workplace, Widow Coach

Jody LaVoie is the Founder of Widows in the Workplace.
She has previously successfully sold a multi-million dollar supply chain/logistics company to Private Equity.