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Karishma Bhalla, Co Founder and Director, Taramis Labs Ltd, a Health Food brand

Karishma Bhalla, Co Founder and Director, Taramis Labs Ltd, a Health Food brand

After knowing that the consumers are in dire need of a health brand, she kick started Taramis Labs – a healthy food brand. She curated products focusing on the necessary nutritional aspects in them

Tamara Loehr, Co-Founder, Beusail

In this very interesting interview with host Frits Bussemaker, Tamara takes us through her journey of following her heart and making the right choices. She talks to us about Beusail, a very unique business venture with a deeply rooted meaning.

Harsh Mankad, Founder and President, Tenicity, Former India’s No 1 Tennis Player

Ashutosh and Harsh converse about the present status of the sport in the country. Harsh strongly believes that the professional, economic and technical aspects of the game have changed greatly.

Robin Kermode, Communications Coach

Robin shares his journey from being an actor to taking up Coaching as a profession. He talks majorly about his role as a Communications Coach. He shares how he has helped a number of people overcome some major communication issues. Robin also throws light on the most common communication issues people face very often.

Ruby Ahluwalia , Founder, Sanjeevani, Life Beyond Cancer

Ruby goes on to explain the programs available at the organization. She shares that apart from helping patients get access to treatment and nutrition, Sanjeevani had many more targets. They are focused on spreading cancer awareness among the citizens. She also talks about the nutrition programs and celebrations that take place at Sanjeevani.

Julian Roberts, Founder Julian Roberts Consulting

Julian’s experience as a coach has been that of immense learnings. He speaks about the importance of coaching in the modern-day. Julian also throws light on the increasing interest of people towards coaching.

Srividya Nagaraju, Learning Facilitator, Indic Wisdom Enthusiast

Srividya shares her very unique story with us. From drawing inspirations from ancient scriptures to bringing them into practice, Srividya has mastered these unique techniques efficiently.

Partha S Bhattacharyya, Former Chairman, Coal India Ltd

Partha has shared some very interesting anecdotes from his time at Coal India Limited and BCCL. He even talks about the current status of coal as an energy source and what the future beholds.

Peter Yoong, Founder, Pulsifi

Peter shares some very interesting stories from his initial days of working with large companies. He talks passionately about the digital world and believes in its positive power.