The flag bearer of climate change | Simon Mulcahy | Co-founder and CEO | TIME CO2

Simon Mulcahy is President, Sustainability at TIME Inc. He is responsible for founding and launching, a new division of TIME, focused on providing businesses with the trusted content, solutions, applications, and community that accelerate investment in climate solutions, and progress towards net zero.

00:34- About Simon Mulcahy and his journey.

  • Simon Mulcahy is CEO and co-founder of TIME CO2 (at, and President of TIME. 

  • Simon has served in several executive leadership roles at Salesforce over the last decade.

  • From 2018 – 2021, Simon was Salesforce's Chief Innovation Officer responsible for building next-generation solutions to transform industries and for growing Salesforce's reputation and capabilities as a trusted advisor to the C-suite.

  • From 2016 – 2018 he was Salesforce's Chief Marketing Officer, leading Salesforce's global marketing organization.

  • Before that, he was the General Manager of Salesforce’s Financial Services business, defining the vertical go-to-market and product strategy, and launching the Financial Services Cloud.

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