Dr. Michele Vincenti, President & CEO, Alvana Business Consulting Inc.

Dr. Michele Vincenti, President & CEO, Alvana Business Consulting Inc.

  •  Dr Michele Vincenti is the president & C.E.O. of Alvana Business Consulting in the incorporation.




Dr Vincenti has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector as a consultant and an executive in financial institutions. Before founding Alvana Inc.,

Dr Vincenti owned and operated a large insurance agency in Italy and managed the Wealth Management Division of a Canadian Credit Union. He is a PhD, M.B.A., M.A. (HOS), C.I.M., FCSI, S.T.I., C.I.M., F.CIM, CMgr (U.K.), F.CMI (U.K.), CITP, CM (U.S.A.), C.M.C. and founder and president of Alvana Business Consulting Inc.

[0:35] – About Dr Michele Vincenti & his journey

  • Dr Michele Vincenti is the president & C.E.O. of Alvana Business Consulting in the incorporation
  • Offering enterprise to the client in Wealth Management, leadership & business start-ups.
  • Chaired the leadership seven people management group of M.B.A. university, Canada West.

[04:10] – Tell me about Alvana Business Consulting & What do you do here?

  • My company is involved in coaching executives & helping entrepreneurs to get into the market
  • I started teaching management consultant strategies & launching new products into the market.

[07:25] – What are some changes in the leadership trends you have seen over the last few decades?

  • Changes are always there; it’s about perception.
  • Age group change.
  • Lots of adaptation, leaders are coming up, and old & young people are getting acquainted with the technology.

[22:00]- What three lessons do you want our viewers & listeners to take away from your journey?

  • Life is not easy.
  • Keep on learning from successful people
  • Success takes its own time.


You can connect with Dr Michele Vincenti – on LinkedIn 

Visit – https://www.alvanabusinessconsulting.com/

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Dr. Vincenti believes in a holistic approach to business management where business solutions are achieved with a mixed strategy that blends the study or understanding of processes and economics with people.

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