The advent of technology has made almost everything possible for us. What was unthinkable a few centuries ago, a mobile phone, talking bots, and whatnot are all a part of our real world now. Anything can be possible with the help of technology, find out how with The Brand Called You. Today we bring you the Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the United Nations, Irakli Beridze who is sharing his vast knowledge of Artificial Intelligence with us.

What are the consequences of using a technology that is (maybe) much more intelligent than us humans? Irakli answers all our questions on how AI is painting a new picture of our world. He talks about the good that AI is doing and also the possibilities of misuse of AI in the future and what the United Nations is doing to curb this. We promise that you won’t regret listening to this interview, tune in for some unknown facts about Artificial Intelligence!

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