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Iulian Max Rotaru, Professional Bridge Player, US National Champion

Even well-known names like Warren Buffet call Bridge a sensational game, so much so, that Buffet feels he wouldn’t mind being in jail if he had 3 cellmates who were decent players.

Nish Parekh, Co-Founder, Kapdaa; The Offcut Company; Founder, The Sustainable Hub

Nish tells us that since his mother is a fashion designer, he has seen offcuts all his life. He saw them being of no use. One day, he sat with one of his mother’s studio managers and made a product out of offcut.

Patricia Lustig, Author, Strategic Foresight Learning from the Future; New Shoots

Talking about her book, she calls it an effort to educate people who do not understand the value of foresight strategy. She talks at length about the power of being a futurist.

Emma Hoch, YNG Global Impact Officer; Co-Founder, WONDR Mobile App

Awareness is also very much influenced by personal experiences. She believes that if all the 30,000 members of YPO take up one environmental project per person, it would be beyond good.

Anjani Mandal, Co-Founder & CEO, Fortigo Network Logistics, The Truck Network

We need a network when we are geographically distributed. We need connectivity to a single system.t is our ability to be able to connect people using technology.