Arvind Nair, Chairman, Carpediem Capital Partners

“Do what you love to do and give it your everything”

In a very motivational conversation with Mr. Garg, today we have Mr. Arvind Nair with us. He is an IIM Hyderabad graduate. Mr. Nair is the Chairman of Carpe Diem Capital Partners. He has also been the Ex- CEO and MD for Hitachi Homes, Domino’s Pizza, DLF Retail Mall and Jumbo electronics. Mr. Nair is extremely accomplished and very experienced. While working with Domino’s he brought back the ’30 min delivery or free pizza’ scheme. And proved it to be consumer appreciative. His current venture CarpeDiem is a private equity start-up that engages with budding leaders and entrepreneurs and builds business relations with them. His company provides funding and backs up these budding leaders too. When questioned about funding, Mr. Nair believes that entrepreneurs should delay finding as much as they can. In his opinion they should build it independently before turning to funding options. Mr. Nair believes in short term goals. He plans for his day and tries his best to finish everything off the list. He truly believes in having fun in what he does. He is motivated and very realistic.


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