Dr. SV Srikrishna, Director, Cardiothoracic Training, Narayana Hrudayalaya

“In India, only one percentage of the GDP is spent on healthcare.” – Dr S.V. Srikrishna

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in an insightful conversation with Dr. S.V Krishna, Director of Cardiothoracic Training at Narayana Hrudayalaya. Dr S.V. is one among the most prominent cardiothoracic surgeons in India. Dr S.V. Srikrishna begins by sharing with us three key milestones in his professional life. The expert surgeon talks about the general cardiac and cardiothoracic disorders diagnosed in India. Dr S.V. puts forward his suggestions to improve cardiac healthcare facilities in our nation. The doctor then opines about improving access to healthcare facilities for the poor. The illustrious surgeon, in this episode, tells us how he prepares himself mentally and physically before a challenging surgery. With an interesting anecdote, Dr. S.V elucidates why he prefers being a surgeon over an administrator. He analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the private players in the healthcare industry. The doctor talks about the reality of Government Hospitals in India. “Why isn’t India focusing on improving the number of doctors?”- Dr. S.V shares pragmatic solutions to improve the number of doctors in India. He then addresses another area of interest – the disadvantages of reservation in medical colleges. The practicality of telemedicine and its future is discussed later.

Dr. SV Srikrishna, Director, Cardiothoracic Training, Narayana Hrudayalaya


Appointments  Held

  1. Senior  House  Officer  in  Orthopaedics  in  St.Martha’s  Hospital , Bangalore  from  May  1979  to  April  1980.
  2. After  M.S. General  Surgery  was  appointed  Tutor  in  Cardiothoracic  Surgery, at  St.John’s Medical  College  Hospital  Bangalore  from  October 1983 to December  1984.
  3. After  completion  of  M.Ch   Cardiothoracic  Surgery  appointed  as  Assistant  Professor  of  Cardiothoracic  Surgery, St.John’s Medical College  Hospital   Bangalore  from  August  1987  to  January  1991.
  4. Overseas  Registrar  at  the  Regional  Cardiothoracic  Centre , Freeman  Hospital, Newcastle upon  Tyne  UK  from  February  1991  to  September  1992.
  5. On  return  from  UK , appointed  as  Associate  Professor  of  Cardiothoracic  Surgery   and  Incharge  of  the  Department  till  May  1997.
  6. Promoted  as  Professor  and  Head  of  the  Department  of Cardiothoracic  Surgery, St.John’s Medical  College Hospital  from  June  1997 and  continued  in  this  position  till   December 2006
  7. Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore from Jan 2007 to date. 

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