Eve Vlemincx, Where Law Meets Business

Eve Vlemincx, Where Law Meets Business

Eve is an attorney at law operating as a bridge-builder between legal and business.  A changemaker and legal innovation, passionate about purposeful profit, organizational culture, and DEI.  New ways of working and doing.



We follow a certain profession due to myriad reasons which include our interests or maybe what the society decided for us. However, there is an innate desire amongst every human to stand out in what (s)he does.

It takes reflection to take steps towards the path. It takes courage to break the rules and make your path.

Today, we have one such example who broke the established rules to do what she wanted to do and combine it with her current profession. Eve Vlemincix, a  lawyer, was discouraged from pursuing business courses, but she did what she wanted and is now an example of how to do things differently.

About Eve Vlemincx

Eve Vlemincx is an attorney involved in enabling strategic innovation. A self-described lifelong learner has received four Stanford GSB intellectual contribution awards.

Tune in to listen to how she combined business strategic thinking with her legal profession.


Eve is very clear about her desire to make a difference and a positive impact through the work she does. In the old established legal system, Eve is constantly trying to club business strategic thinking. This helps her execute her role in two ways:

  • Provide strategic advice to law firms to unleash the potential of employees and firm.
  • Blend legal and business skills to incorporate legal transactions.

Eve tells, “In legal transactions, things are generally viewed as isolated. If you bring two together, it strategically becomes a different approach, and you see a different outcome.”

Learning in Pandemic

We all know the different thoughts we went through during the two years of the pandemic, and how each one of us tried to cope with it differently. For Eve, the world to her knowledge opened like the rest of the world, closed.

She says, “Everyone was focused on what they couldn’t do. I saw it as an opportunity and one of the reasons to immerse myself in the whole business journey.”

She went on two do several interesting courses from the top business schools of the world. She is a firm believer in doing things differently. Eve comments, “We know in the legal industry, there is a need to change, innovate, and to disrupt.

The status quo is no longer working. And want to do that knowledgeably.”

Eve did courses in executive leadership, change management, purposeful leadership, and corporate innovation.

She makes a fascinating remark, “I am comfortable being uncomfortable. When I embarked on my journey, the bar told me those courses are not relevant for lawyers.”

Eve was recognized by her peers in the global school for her contribution to their knowledge.

Gender Equality in Europe

Eve sits on myriad boards and claims to be mostly working around empowerment and gender equality. She says, “No matter how much we have progressed, inclusion is underestimated.”

Especially after her Stanford journey, she was exposed to the true meaning of diversity and inclusion, which is not the case with the businesses she is dealing with.

More About Eve

Eve talks about her milestones, of which the most important is becoming a mother of her two boys.

She also became a primary caregiver of one of her best friends, who suffered brain damage in a car accident. She feels sad when people look at a gap in her resume and make assumptions without understanding.

However, she is proud of the role she played and has learned a great deal from that, too.

She encapsulates her values in the self-made world, “CAPIR” which stands for, change, authenticity, professionalism, inclusion and integrity, and respect.

She ends the conversation as she advises the younger generation on the importance of self-reflection.


Eve is an attorney at law operating as a bridge-builder between legal and business.  A changemaker and legal innovation, passionate about purposeful profit, organizational culture, and DEI.  New ways of working and doing.

At the beginning of 2020, she started an intense journey across world-renowned business schools such as Oxford-Saïd: where she specialized in Executive Leadership; Northwestern Kellogg (Organisational and strategic change management); Harvard business school: Negotiation and remote work and as the cherry on the pie at Stanford Graduate School of Business she followed a year-long program incorporate innovation and leadership.

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