Andy Fieldhouse, Team Coach & Author, Getting Teamwork Right

Andy Fieldhouse, Team Coach & Author, Getting Teamwork Right

  • Andy Fieldhouse is the Team Coach & Author, of Getting Teamwork Right.




The trend of coaching has increased significantly in recent years and so does their need. A coach helps individuals uncover their potential, climb up the career ladder and improve their life overall by asking the right questions. Be it a Career coach, an executive coach, or a life coach, people are realizing the importance of hiring coaches and at the same time, people are showing interest in becoming a coach themselves to impact others’ lives positively.

Well, today we have invited Andy Fieldhouse, Team Coach & Author, of Getting Teamwork Right to share his insights with us.

00:31- About Andy Fieldhouse

  • Andy Fieldhouse is the Team Coach & Author, of Getting Teamwork Right.
  • I help companies save money by avoiding the costly issues that arise when teams are not functioning properly.
  • I train and coach teams so that they can create a cohesive, connected culture based upon meaningful purpose, deep trust, and supportive relationships.
  • This helps to reduce the financial impact of issues like high staff turnover, low employee engagement, workplace anxiety, stress, and absenteeism.

00:44- What made you become a coach?

  • I was in a job working for a training and development company.
  • I’ve done a lot of team-building activities.
  • All my experience was with teams on a Training and Team Building front. I went and did the introductory course.

02:05- How do you differentiate between coaching a team and coaching an individual?

  • Coaching a team is about coaching the relationship that exists between two or more people.
  • It’s very different for an individual. One of the things that are different is the time it takes.
  • You can go at the pace and speed of one brain while coaching an individual.
  • With a team, you need to hear all the voices. You need to tap into everyone’s opinion and thoughts on things.
  • It’s always two or more people who are somehow dependent. They have a common purpose or goal, so the skills can be used with couples, marriages, families, and communities.

03:34- Characteristics of a strong team

  • Creating the right atmosphere of openness.
  • Psychological safety.
  • The ability to communicate without checking out.
  • Having clear goals and measures.
  • Having a strong sense of purpose.

17:57- Three lessons

  • Awareness
  • Do something that you enjoy
  • Have fun


You can connect with Andy Fieldhouse- LinkedIn

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Andy has spent 25 years working in and with teams in the UK and the Middle East, and uses his experience and expertise to help work teams create the culture and practices necessary for them to achieve success. In 2020, Andy published his first book ‘Getting Teamwork Right – the key to happy, successful and resilient teams’ which became an Amazon #1 bestseller. Andy was a featured author at the prestigious Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature in 2021.

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