Amit Ramani, CEO, Awfis

In this new episode of The Brand Called You, we have as our guest, a problem solver and a very successful business entity, Amit Ramani. Amit started his career as an architect learning from some of the best institutes in the world – SPA, Kansas School of Architecture and Cornell. His journey as an entrepreneur started when he first brought Nelson to India. He then finally founded Awfis which led to his success. He talks about the failures he encountered before he was finally able to make it big. His journey is one which talks about seizing the right opportunities at the right time, learning from some of the big hiccups and obstacles in entrepreneurial path, to finally understanding the market and setting up Awfis to be the success that it is today.


Mr. Amit Ramani is the Founder & CEO of Awfis Space Solutions which is India’s largest shared workspace company with 30000 seats across 63 centres in 10 cities in India. He started Awfis Space Solutions with the vision of revolutionizing the office space delivery ecosystem in India through technology – backed just in time solutions. He is also the Vice-Chairman & Strategic Advisor of NCUBE India which is a leading group in Asia providing design and real estate consulting services with resources of over 120 people and 3 locations in Asia. Mr. Ramani’s strong background has allowed him to provide innovative and complex project services to multinational corporations such as Astra Zeneca, Duke Energy, Bank of America, AT&T, Marsh McLennan, Bristol Myer-Squibb, Lockheed Martin, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Toyota. Prior to joining NELSON, he has worked with organizations such as HOK Consulting, Toyota Motor Sales and The Environments Group.

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