Dr Shailesh Ayyangar, Former Head, Strategic Projects, South Asia, Sanofi

In this episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us Mr. Shailesh Ayyangar. Mr. Ayyangar is the former head of Sanofi, South Asia (a lead manufacturer and supplier of vaccines). He has completed his education from IIM Ahmedabad and is a senior professional of the pharmaceutical world.  Mr. Garg and Mr. Ayyangar engaged in a very gripping conversation about the Industry of Innovation – Pharmacy.  They discuss briefly the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry in today’s fast moving world. Mr. Ayyangar believes that the industry is booming with a 45 billion dollar yearly turnover. And he holds the budding entrepreneurs and medical visionaries responsible for the same. He exclaims that good quality medicine is available at affordable prices in India and that itself is a great achievement. They further discussed China’s huge role in the supply of APIs and other medical ingredients. And how Chinese supplies into India have increased considerably due to price controls on pharma manufacturers by the Indian Government.  When talking about vaccines, Mr. Ayyangar proudly mentions India’s position as one of the best vaccine suppliers in the world. 60% of the global vaccination supplies are by India. “If there is a possibility of vaccine preventable disease then no child should ever die, we should be able to protect them”. A visionary and a senior professional of his industry, Mr. Ayyangar has given back and continues to give back to the world with the work he does!

Dr Shailesh Ayyangar, Former Head, Strategic Projects, South Asia, Sanofi



Have worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for over three decades – the last 15 of which as Head of Sanofi in South Asia (Which included Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal besides India). During this period, Sanofi’s revenues in India went up from USD15Mn in 2002 to over USD500Mn in 2018, propelled by merger between Sanofi and Aventis, targeted acquisitions and strong organic growth. Company’s employee base went up from about 150 to over 5000. The product range expanded from handful of products to begin with to a full line consisting of Vaccines, Human Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Healthcare Products and Medicines for Rare Diseases. The business grew consistently at a double digit CAGR and at a higher rate than that of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry for the same period. During this journey, Sanofi received several recognitions from industry peer groups and it has emerged as one of the most admired healthcare companies in India. 

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