Marc Castagnet, Director, ICS

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Marc Castagnet, permanent Hong Kong resident, Director of ICS, holds MBA degrees from both France and USA. After a career in banking in New York and starting his business in China in 1989, he started SgT Group in 1990’s in Hong Kong and sold it in 2009. SgT has been a pioneer into offering quality control and outsourcing supply chain services in the garment and fabric industry. Marc holds multiple directorships or board seats in entrepreneurial companies in Asia, Europe, and USA. He lives in Hong Kong. ICS services is an investment vehicle company who help serve companies mainly between Europe, Asia, Africa and USA in Real Estate (Hospitality & development), Quality Assurance, Education, wine Services, agricultural organic products. Marc spends a fair amount of his time on Social Enterprise issues or organizations and strongly believes that overall social and environmental issues can only be solved through sustainable and hybrid systems and organizations within an entrepreneurial frame work.

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