Mark Moses, Founding Partner and CEO of CEO Coaching International

In this episode of The Brand Called You, Ashutosh Garg engages in a stimulating conversation with a brilliant business coach, an athlete and much more, Mark Moses. Mark is the founder CEO of Coaching International, he started his first venture when he was just 12 years old, he’s also a US Open Squash champion plus he has run marathons all over the world. In the interview, Mark talks about his journey from high school, and starting his own business in college to pay the tuition. His life has been full of challenges and he has taken them on like a true leader, from feeling like an underdog his whole life and then becoming all the things he thought he lacked in himself. Mark’s journey has been a true inspiration for anybody who thinks any less of themselves, because he has achieved success despite all the things. He talks about what made him become a business coach and how the Indian perspective is different from the west when it comes to hiring a coach for help. He discusses in detail about the ever expanding business of coaching and the dire importance of a coach for a start-up entrepreneur. Tune in to find more!


Dad was from a small town in Canada called Sudbury. My mom was from Mexico City. Met in Acapulco on vacation. 2 weeks later they were married. I arrived 10 months later. 1st language is Spanish which was pretty unusual in a small town in Northern Ontario. I have never spoken to my mom in English. Oldest of 3. I have two brothers. They along with my parents still live in Canada. Our family was very close and still is. My 1 st entrepreneurial venture was at 12 yrs old shoveling snow for neighbors for $5 per driveway. I then hired my younger brother and paid him part of the money for his help. Played piano competitively, tennis. Mom required us to win at everything we did. So, we did. Also played trumpet in the high school band. Even played in a rock band for a short time. My father had a clothing store that he took over from my grandfather. It provided us a nice, simple middle-class life for our family in Sudbury. I went to college in Waterloo and needed money so got a Student Painter Franchise. I became the top franchise in the system. When I graduated I took that business to CA, built it to 250 locations, 3000 people and sold it 4 yrs later. My next business was a mortgage company. Did that for 13 yrs and grew it from a startup to $1.6 Billion in annual business. Rode major ups and devasting downs that took us to near bankruptcy a couple of times. Won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, was #1 Fastest Growing Business in Los Angeles, #10 Inc 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S. and Blue Chip Enterprise Award for Overcoming Adversity. I sold the business in 2006. Spent the 1st 22 yrs in Canada, then 32 yrs in Newport Beach, CA and the last 18 months in Miami. I have always been happy wherever I am at the moment. Met my wife Ivette on a blind date. As a Canadian, I took her to a hockey game. Ivette is a Valley girl from Los Angeles. We have been married for 24 yrs and marriage has been easy. Ivette is typically the life of the party. I have 2 kids – Darien (21) – Senior at U. Of Michigan studying business. Mason (19) is Sophomore at the U. Of AZ in the business program as well. He had a brain tumor when he was 3 and this influenced a lot of his early days and our perspective on life. He lives in a fraternity house at school where he and all 15 of them in the house have just recovered from Covid.
What shaped me?
⁃ My mom’s drive to best the best at everything
⁃ My dad’s quiet humble demeanor, father & Family man
⁃ His bankruptcy when I was 17 forced me to grow up quick and become an entrepreneur
⁃ I have been a member of EO for 25 yrs, YPO for 20 yrs, a former Vistage and Tiger 21 member. I also graduated from the Birthing of Giants Program at MIT and did 4 years of YPO’s Harvard Business School program.
⁃ Love boating, good food & wine, spending time with good friends or meeting new ones. It’s pretty normal that my wife and I would entertain once or twice a week for the last 20 yrs. If any YPO’er from anywhere in the world was traveling through our city, we would invite them over for dinner. I love to travel. Been to 90 countries.
⁃ I took up Squash in my 20s, and won the U.S. Championship.
⁃ I took up golf in my 30s and played 100 rounds of golf per year.
⁃ Took up Triathlon in my 40s – I have done 12 Ironman’s and approx. 20 Half
⁃ Done Marathons all over the world including the Great Wall, Antarctica and North Pole Marathons. I qualified for the Boston Marathon last year at the London Marathon in 3:30.
⁃ I have spent my entire life feeling like the underdog. My favorite movie is Rudy. I like to live life full and experience everything I can. CEO Coaching has 340 clients in 40 countries and 55 different industries. We have 32 fantastic coaches. Many of them were President and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or Entrepreneurs who had over $100 million exits. There is nothing in my life that I would prefer to be doing than what I am doing right now. It gives me tremendous meaning and purpose to make a meaningful difference in everything I do and share it with people that I really want to be sharing my time with. I also believe retirement is an outdated concept. I am inspired by one of Richard Branson’s quotes…..I don’t think of work as work and play as play. I can’t tell the difference. It’s just living!










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