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Is age an important factor for good handwriting? | Maestro Prof K C Janardhan, Founder, J’s Quill Group, Expert in Handwriting and Calligraphy

Can one practice and learn to write beautifully?    Today, The Brand Called You brings you a professional who has not only mastered the art of good writing but has also turned it into his profession. We are pleased to welcome Maestro Prof KC Janardhan on the podcast today.  Professor Janardhan is the founder of […]

Do you need a coach? | Christine McHugh, Author From Barista to Boardroom at Starbucks

The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome a very special guest from the United States today. She is a multi-faceted personality with abundant experience. We are pleased to be accompanied by Christine McHugh. Christine is a Coach Consultant and Startup Leader. She’s the Former Vice President Customer Service and Operations Services for Starbucks. She […]

How can scenario planning benefit the future? | Daniel Erasmus, CEO, Erasmus.AI, NEWSCONSOLE

The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome Daniel Erasmus on the podcast. Daniel is a native from South Africa. He is a futurist and a scenario planner. He is a fellow and visiting officer at various universities. Most currently, he is the Director of the Digital Thinking Network (DTN) with big clients like Vodafone […]

How can coaching help executive leaders? | Dr. Oleg Konovalov, Global thought leader, Author, Consultant, Educator and C suite coach

Today on TBCY, we have with us a professional coach and a global leader who has abundant experience of working with the corporate sector. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Oleg Konovolov from Moscow, Russia. Oleg is one of the top global thought leaders from the world. He is a Global Thought Leader, a Consultant […]

What goes into clicking a good photograph? | Aditya Arya, Founder, Museo Camera Centre for the Photographic Arts

Photography is one of the strongest tools of storytelling. From the early 1880s to the speeding 21st century, photography has taken birth and evolved beautifully. Today on TBCY, we have with us a very accomplished individual who not only cherishes photography but has also created something very beautiful out of his love for it! We […]

Bhushan Kummar, Poet turned Brand Specialist, Founder, Creative Monk

Bhushan who is a leading brand specialist, talks about some very important aspects of branding. Bhushan highlights that being unique often makes a brand stand out.

Rina Neoh, Co-Founder and MD, Ficus Venture Fund, a Shariah Compliant Fund

Rina shares her journey of exploration in the venture capital space. What was once an idea shared by a group of friends is now the fastest growing investment company in Malaysia.

Rajeev Aggarwal, Director Global Accounts, Kantar, APAC

Rajeev describes ‘iconic’ branding and the strategies these brands follow. He speaks about the impact of the digital ecosystem on brand management strategies. Rajeev also throws light on the determinants of advertising and explains research oriented work.

Farzana Haque, TCS Leadership, Philanthropist, Board Member, Mentor

In a very inspiring episode with our host Ashutosh, Farzana talks about her incredible journey and the many experiences she has gained. As a woman who started off her career in the Y2K era, she stood out. Working in male-dominated environments, Farzana had to gather up all her courage to make sure she was doing the right thing.