Esther Jacobs, ‘No excuses lady’, speaker, author, book writing mentor and digital nomad

Esther Jacobs, 'No excuses lady', speaker, author, book writing mentor and digital nomad

Esther Jacobs, ‘No excuses lady’, speaker, author, book writing mentor, and digital nomad

They call me the ‘No Excuses Lady’ because I get things done regardless of the circumstances.



Digital nomads are people who earn a living online while traveling across the world and working remotely. They use technology and digital marketing, conduct workshops, and do a lot of other things. This nomadic manner of life seems pretty interesting and has become popular recently. More and more people are looking to adapt this lifestyle either for a small vacation or permanently. 

Today, in TBCY, we have Esther Jacobs, a digital nomad with us to share more about this interesting lifestyle. 

About Esther Jacobs

Esther Jacobs is a Dutch business woman whose achievements are sure to blow your mind. She is an author, speaker, a digital nomad, and a successful entrepreneur. She has been featured in the international media for more than 500 times, and has also  given two Ted talks. She coaches people across the globe on writing books and because of her never-say-die attitude, is called the “no excuses lady”.


Why do people calle Esther the “no-excuses lady”?

Esther is an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker and a coach. She has authored more than 30 books. Above all, she travels across the world constantly while doing all the big stuff. She has visited more than 100 countries. Which leaves people wondering how she manages to do all of it so well? 

Well, she is known as the “no excuses lady” for a reason. In her own words, “Often when you are good at something, you aren’t aware of it and others notice”. 

The digital Nomad Lifestyle

Esther tells us about her lifestyle and what she loves about it. She has been travelling for around 30 years, and making the best use of the opportunities that come her way. Explaining what motivates here to lead this kind of life, she says, 

“From a very young age, I started investing in experiences, not possessions. And travelling gives me a different perspective of the world” 

Also, this life gives her the freedom to experience both city life and connect with nature whenever she wants. 

How does she support herself?

Esther Jacobs has not only authored a number of books but she also helps entrepreneurs, CEOs and other successful people who want to share their stories or ideas but have trouble putting those into words,  to write their own books.

She shares her method of writing, called reverse writing where the process is reversed and the writing starts from the back cover- the summary and then moving to contents of the book, filling the bullet points. She believes in promoting the book before it is finished writing. This, according to her, makes the process of writing books a lot easier and also quick as compared to the traditional way. 


Further in the conversation, Esther shares some stories of people that interested her and she felt which needed to be shared. She also shares the many challenges she has faced all throughout her journey as a digital nomad and about how she turned those challenges into opportunities.

Esther, when sees a new thing, doesn’t hesitate to try it out herself. That’s how she has been able to help so many people with different things by conducting workshops, coaching them and helping them build a community.

Get inside and listen to the conversation to get more facts she shares about her life, challenges of being a digital nomad and her lifestyle. 


They call me the ‘No Excuses Lady’ because I get things done regardless of the circumstances.

I raised € 16 million for charities, survived on an uninhabited island for the European Survivor reality TV show, wrote 30 books, traveled through 100 countries, got ‘fired’ from the Netherlands, live outside the system; experience the ultimate freedom…

Uncertainty has become my comfort zone.

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