Saroni Roy, Australian Actor, Keynote Speaker, Creative Consultant

Saroni Roy, Australian Actor, Keynote Speaker, Creative Consultant

Saroni Roy, Australian Actor, Keynote Speaker, Creative Consultant

A multi-hyphenate, Saroni Roy is an Australian actor, Keynote Speaker, Creative Consultant, PR & Media Relations professional, based in Sydney.



Do you ever feel that you want to work for society but you don’t have enough in life? Or maybe God has given you less? Meet our guest for today, Miss Saroni Roy, who has been working for the community since her childhood. She says that it is in her DNA.

Saroni is an Australian actor, a keynote speaker, creative consultant, PR and Media consultant. She has also won the Miss India-Australia Goodwill Ambassador title. She is the creator and producer of ‘Ahinsa Peace Symposium – A tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’. She is the face of several international brands and she is the founder of the Saroni Roy Foundation.


Saroni discussing handling different roles in her life

In Saroni’s opinion, three things that help her handle different roles in her life are extreme level of determination, organizational skills and time management skills. She also values time the most as she says it is an irreversible resource. She is always in urgency to do everything as she fears tomorrow might never come. To give us an idea of her time management skills, she tells us that she finalizes her schedule a year prior.


Saroni’s role in supporting the bilateral trade relations between India and Australia

Saroni talks about how she participated and won the beauty pageant. She tells us that the judgement of the beauty pageant did not just depend on facial beauty, but what one did for society in the past was a major factor to win. Saroni proclaims that working for the society is in her DNA. Community work is something she has learnt from her parents. She recalls that her parents used to sacrifice their own comfort to add some value in others’ lives. Following their footsteps, Saroni has been doing various things. She talks about some of the prominent her initiatives; during the bushfires in Australia, she did a donation drive. The donation went to a community food pantry. With that donation, they were able to provide food to about one lakh people. She has a fat folder of her work to submit to the judges and they were aligned to India-Australia shared values. She says that there is a lot that both countries can learn from each other. She adds that Australia’s Indian diaspora number approximately is around seven lakhs.


Saroni’s memorable roles on screen

Though all her roles are dear to her, she talks about a few that she admires the most. First she tells us about her role in a short film, ‘Faceless’ where she played Veronica. The movie talks about the mental health of men. Another role she talks about is from a web series. The name of her character is Tina. She is playing a detective in it.


What goes into delivering a memorable performance in front of the camera?

Saroni talks about three major things an actor has to hold that makes a character alive on screen, they are authenticity, technique and preparation. She says even if it is a five minute scene, the preparation is equally important because there is a lot at stake. In her opinion, one does not get hired for being a good actor, but for being a reliable actor.  We are also informed that unlike India, if you are not from a film school, you cannot be hired in Australia as an actor.


Ahimsa Peace Symposium

Ahimsa Peace Symposium was the inaugural initiative of the Saroni Roy Foundation. Saroni has worked with numerous world peace initiatives in her life. After living in Australia for some time, she realized that people there did not know much about Mahatma Gandhi. She wanted to enlighten the world with the life of Mahatma Gandhi so they could understand peace and non-violence better and they could learn how to apply his teachings in daily life. She initially conceptualized it as a face to face event. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit the world and that could not happen. Hence, Saroni made it virtual and brought speakers from both India and Australia on the panel. This event turned out to be a huge success.


A multi-hyphenate, Saroni Roy is an Australian actor, Keynote Speaker, Creative Consultant, PR & Media Relations professional, based in Sydney. Saroni has worked in a number of Australian and International screen projects including Film, TV, Web Series, Commercial Campaigns, Music Videos, and Documentaries and is Co-Chair, Equity Diversity – Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA). A Cancer-survivor, facing multiple invisible disabilities like Endometriosis, Thrombocythemia, her story of struggle, success and service has inspired several across the globe, shattering the glass ceiling in several ways, making her a sought after inspirational speaker & mentor at significant thought leadership forums. In 2018 Saroni won the Ms India Australia Goodwill Ambassador title at the Miss/Mrs/Mr. India Australia beauty pageant organised by Miss India Australia Corporation, for her extensive contribution towards global community welfare. Saroni is a Body Activist, and also the first Indian-origin brand ambassador for world’s leading body-confidence brand for women, Nancy Ganz, redefining the narrow ideals of beauty. She’s also the face for several international brands like Commonwealth Bank Australia, M.A.C Cosmetics, Modibodi, Pinterest, to name a few. Beginning of a new decade she has created Saroni Roy Foundation (SRf) in 2020 & SRf Creatists in 2021, social-enterprises based on three core values – Diversity, Sustainability & Social-justice, perpetuating socio-economic and environmental well-being, creating a peaceful, inclusive ‘one-world’ to live and love. The organisations are a Social Enterprise Council of NSW & ACT (SECNA) member and also Affiliate with the Australia India Business Council Limited. Saroni is also the Creator & Producer of Ahimsa Peace Symposium 2021, a tribute to the global peace hero Mahatma Gandhi. It is a global community forum to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary on 2nd October and UN International Day of Non-Violence. The event is also envisaged as a celebration of Australia-India bi-lateral relations and India’s 75 years of independence. This year Ahimsa Peace Symposium focuses on Ahimsa and its articulation with the global ‘Women, Peace and Security’ agenda. A member with Rotary International, in 2019 Saroni received the ‘Peace Ambassador’ award by International Women’s Peace Group and is also an Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) Ambassador. She’s won several awards and accolades like TAFE NSW Contribution to the Community Award 2021, ‘Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All’ Award at Women Economic Forum 2020, finalist at the 2021 City of Parramatta Young Adult Citizen of the Year, Western Sydney University Women of the West Awards 2021, India Australia Business & Community Awards 2021, Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence 2020 to name a few, and has conceptualised and hosted an extensive list of community- cohesion programs, including the commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth- Anniversary in Australia, drawing active participation from Indigenous and International communities of Greater Western Sydney. During the bushfire catastrophe her food donation drive for Addison Road Community Organisation provided food to 100,000 less-privileged Australians and rescued 100 tonnes of food from going to the landfill.

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