Vineet Kapoor, Managing Director, Hotlink

Vineet Kapoor, Managing Director, Hotlink

Vineet Kapoor, Managing Director, Hotlink

He exhibits sharp contextual intelligence with critical disruptive thinking for creative strategy formulations. He is a bold yet balanced risk-taker.



Ease of doing business is the number one thing in the mind when it comes to building a networking platform or a buyer centric platform. Hotlink is one such company made with the objective of making business to business go digital and make networking easy and convenient.

TBCY features in today’s episode the Managing director of Hotlink who shares the mission behind creating such a platform, the functioning of the system and how it differs from other similar platforms. Dive in to watch the full episode and know about this upcoming venture that is sure to help many businesses including small and medium enterprises. 

About Vineet Kapoor

Vineet Kapoor, graduate of Harvard Business school, a certified coach, and an entrepreneur is the Director of Hotlink Services Private Limited , a platform on a mission to make B2B go digital.


What is Hotlink?
Hotlink is a platform that is meant to connect buyers and sellers by forming a network in an environment that’s convenient, efficient and trustworthy. Vineet elaborates it in these words:

“What we are proposing on this platform is a telecom-like subscriber model of how a buyer and seller or a set of distributors in a network would work with each other with trust around them.”

He says that this platform assures its users of the trust factor that is usually missing in other companies. It guarantees privacy and thus transparency to the enterprises registered, also to the business transactions between the buyer and the seller. The data isn’t misused. All this facilitates the ease of doing business in the real sense. 

How does it Work?

The moment someone creates a business account on Hotlink, they can connect to other businesses thus forming a network. Whether they want to publish the price of their product or not is up to them. The model allows them to do the management their way and doesn’t have a rigid system of how they choose to work. As Vineet says,  “The model is about creating seamless environment for these network to work”

What are the advantages of Hotlink over other similar platforms?

Vineet clarifies that Hotlink, in contrast to other similar platforms which are mostly network centric or brand centric, is focussed on giving the account holders the freedom to choose what they want to do and how they want to make the use of this network they create using hotlink . They are free to set it up their own way. 

“Configurability has become far higher rated in platforms as compared to customizations”


Vineet Kapoor says that they are looking to enhance connectivity through this platform not just for the big brands but also for the small and medium enterprises. This will create a win-win situation for both the categories as they both need each other to run their businesses. 

“Inclusion is a huge impact we are looking at”, says Vineet.

He tells about the challenges that come up from the technological angle and from the perspective of buyer and seller. The challenge is to create a sustainable momentum and they are working on making that possible. 

He clears and explains more such queries that might come to one’s mind regarding Hotlink. Join the conversation to get all the doubts cleared in about 20 minutes.


Vineet has extensive leadership and strategy experience with consistent achievements and fast-track progressions – international management, country leadership and professional services followed by entrepreneurship, board oversight and business coaching; with short international stints in USA and Hong Kong. He exhibits sharp contextual intelligence with critical disruptive thinking for creative strategy formulations. He is a bold yet balanced risk taker. He brings deep focus on sustained long term value creation with a strong bias for action. He has proven strengths in strategy, leadership and marketing; with a keen sense for innovation and ingenuity. He avidly leverages his precise articulation, creative visualization, clear communication, influential mediation and personality presence to drive results. He fuels growth through culture and clarity. He is a master disruptor, activator, relator and mediator. Vineet exhibits strong learnability and analysis on-the-go with notable instances of upskilling himself on even stretch zones outside core areas of strategy, marketing and business management. Two things he swears by – ‘be present’ and ‘do your best’ in all situations. He currently leads Hotlink – one unified platform to link and sync everyone to improve the ease of doing business. He has shaped the vision to empower business ecosystems to thrive in the platform economy. The single instance platform for sales and B2B automation enables connected commerce capabilities for smarter sales, distribution and sourcing networks with extensive capabilities for contextual mapping of content and catalog information. In the recent years, he completed a market entry and incubation for Trauson business in India with hosting of sales and marketing organizations while providing strategic direction
and board oversight. He did another oversight role as the business coach for Stryker India leadership to help them sharpen go- to-market strategies, organizational capabilities and execution pathways. Prior to that, he is the youngest country head hired at
Synthes [at 29 years of age in 2005] and also the youngest to be promoted to the Director-level in an international management role at Synthes Global [offered promotion into international management within 3 years in 2008]. Likewise he achieved multilevel progressions at Andersen, EY and KPMG. Vineet is an alum of Harvard Business School, a Fellow Chartered Accountant and has Bachelors in Commerce (Honours) from Delhi University. He is a Certified Coach with multi-level training in NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming].

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