Tony V Francis, Chief Revenue Officer, Matrix Publicities, a WPP Company

Tony V Francis, Chief Revenue Officer, Matrix Publicities, WPP Company & Author, Autograph

Tony V Francis, Chief Revenue Officer, Matrix Publicities, a WPP Company

Tony V Francis is a Historical Fiction writer and a Media & Broadcasting professional with over 20 years of experience in the Indian Media industry. He is Chief Revenue Officer at Matrix Publicities a WPP, company.



About Tony :


Tony V Francis is a big fish in the world of advertising and branding . He is entrusted with a very sophisticated post of Chief Revenue Officer of Matrix Publicities, a WPP company .

Besides handling such a responsible post , Tony has diverged into his other passion , which is writing books . He is also a media branding professional ,founder of Red FM , Bangalore and has loads of similar achievements. His book “The Autograph Seeker” is of a very peculiar genre , the oxymoronic ‘historical fiction’ which centers around “a school boy in love with a girl who can’t speak and their discovery of a beautiful theatre”. With vast experiences as his , he has become the recipient of the distinguished “Toast Maker award” . So tune in to this episode , where our guest, Tony shares his journey , shares his experiences and explains the whole concept of creativity in his field of interest .




How is technology changing the world of advertising and branding?

Tony , with his vast experience , speaks how earlier advertising and communication within the advertising team encountered many misunderstandings due to lack of resources . The rising tech sophistication has eradicated these complications.


The misconceptions about technology is that it is too much dominated in the hands of the youth ,but we shouldn’t feel threatened about it because tech isn’t inclined to anyone and available to the remotest of a region . In Tony’s own words, “tech doesn’t hinder but creates creativity “. It is an aid to creativity.


Moreover , the rise of technology and digital content has suppressed the prevailing monopoly in any specific field in the country.


What does social media pressure do to creativity?

The definition of creativity for Tony is “creating possibilities”. Though social media has diversified possibilities for new opportunities , it also has adversely affected creativity . Tony says ” Fun has definitely gone out of it(creativity) , it’s all about what I do next ” . It is the reality of social media which makes the brightest colours mundane.


Social media isn’t organic , and welcomes ambiguity , hypocrisy and dishonesty. To counteract the effect of social media pressure one may need to balance the amount of creativity and it’s promotion in social media or the maintenance of social media profile which is quite a difficult task . No matter how much one strives to balance it , “it somewhere fatigues you(one).”


More :

Tony further shares how failure has provided him a chance to learn . Mistakes are bound to happen , they keep happening. 


According to him , people see the gross success and ignore the pains and failures taken to achieve the mentioned milestone . It is the net result of failure and success.


We are failing every single day and the world has advanced enough that we need to succeed everyday to be at par with the world. The tremendous challenge motivates us to keep working towards our goal. 


In Tony’s own words :

“I have failed tremendously but resilience should be taught”


Tony V Francis

Chief Revenue Officer, Matrix Publicities, a WPP Company and Author, The Autograph Seeker

Tony V Francis is a historical Fiction writer and a Media & Broadcasting professional with over 20 years of experience in the Indian Media industry. He is Chief Revenue Officer at Matrix Publicities a WPP, company.

WPP is considered the world’s largest advertising company and Matrix’s understanding of media marketplaces and trading provide real incremental value and marketing advantages that benefit WPP clients every day.

Tony is responsible for leading the creative culture for the Specialist unit at Matrix Publicities through four stellar product portfolios:
Motion Content Group- Content first division.

INCA- Influencer Marketing Solution
Astus- Media Trading product.

Tony began his career as a charter member of the team at Star India‘s Radio City 91 Fm when it launched India’s first 24 hours Private Fm radio station in 2001.He was General Manager and Station Director for Superhits 93.5 Red Fm,Bangalore. Under his leadership the station won its first Gold at the New York Festival International Radio Awards.

Tony is the recipient of the Distinguished Toastmaster Award(DTM).The award represents the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters, an international leadership and communications club.

His other awards include

XIA Award 2018-Young Turk Of The Year by
Xavier’s College Calcutta Alumni Association (SXCCAA), south zone chapter

Named in IIM Bangalore Alumni list of ‘50 EGMP Star Alumni’ 2019

Distinguished Alumni Award-Alliance Business Academy.


He is the author of The Autograph Seeker, a bestseller fiction novel from Amaryllis Publications. The novel opened at No 13 on Amazon New Releases, was nominated in the Best Fiction Category at Valley For Words Literary Award 2018, Featured in Deccan Herald and Indian Express Must Read 2018 and longlisted at Jio MAMI Word To Screen 2018

Tony is a sought-after speaker on media and broadcasting, impactful storytelling, and effective communication for leaders.


He is an alumnus of St. Xavier’s Calcutta, Alliance Business Academy and Indian Institute Of Management, Bangalore and lives with his family in Bangalore.

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