Pashupati Advani, Founder & Chairman, Global Foray

On another motivational episode of The Brand Called You,  we have with us a very senior and successful individual from the field of capital marketing,  Mr.  Pashupati advani. Mr. Advani is the Founder and Chairman of Global Foray. He has pursued MBA from HAAS Business School, California and has also been to Harvard Business School. He has an experience of 20 years in the capital markets. He was the youngest partner in Bear Stearns and is currently the President of the Bombay Stock Exchange. 

Talking about his early career in the capital market, Mr. Advani mentioned that he did bond trading at Goldman after which he did high yield bond trading and became a partner at Bear Stearn. 

Mr. Garg asked some compelling questions about the market differences between India and the US. They discussed insider trading and the fine line between legal and illegal trading. Mr. Advani strongly suggests investing in SIPs. He also firmly suggests using resources like a broker.

He is an avid golfer and loves interacting with youngsters and millennials. From the Capital Market to schooling underprivileged children, Mr. Advani’s career has been remarkable!

“If you have a passion, you’ll succeed and money will follow”.


Pashupati Advani currently heads the Advani Group, which does India advisory to a number of entities looking inwards into India and outwards from it. Pashupati has over two decades of extensive experience in the capital markets, both in India and in the US. In the ‘80s, he first traded corporate bonds at Goldman Sachs, and then moved on to high-yield bonds at Bear Stearns & Co. to become one of the youngest ever partners at this leading investment bank.
Moving back to Mumbai in 1990, Pashupati rejuvenated and headed the family stock broking business on Dalal Street. The firm was widely recognized for its unique blend of domestic and international perspective on the financial markets and was successfully sold to a national financial services’ chain. The combination of International exposure and in-depth knowledge of the domestic market has made Pashupati’s expertise highly valued in the Indian capital markets. He was elected the President of the Association of NSE Members of India (ANMI), which comprises 600 member firms nationally. He has been instrumental in founding Securities Industry Association of India. He has represented the financial services’ community on several policy-making committees of SEBI and Government.

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