Rajesh Relan, Managing Partner, Relico Ventures

“The question is not about the number of people insured. The question is, are they aptly and rightly insured? I think a lot of Indians are under-insured.”- Rajesh Relan

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a highly informative conversation with Rajesh Relan, Managing Director, Relico Ventures. Rajesh is a highly reputed veteran in the Indian insurance industry.

Rajesh talks about his two-decades-long experience in the insurance sector. He shares his insights into different types of insurances. He attempts to foresee the future of insurance in the fast-changing world. He analyzes the oncoming of private companies to the Indian insurance industry.

Rajesh emphasizes the importance of life insurance for a youngster. He shares the story of how he led ‘Metlife’ to overwhelming success. He later explains the role played by the foreign players in India.

Rajesh talks enthusiastically about his transition to entrepreneurship. He explains the working of his new venture. Later, he shares his insights about the ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme.

Rajesh then addresses a topic of paramount importance- the common mistakes most startup entrepreneurs make. He explains how to cope with failure and learn invaluable lessons from it.



Rajesh Relan has 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector in senior leadership positions within India and briefly in the Asia-Pacific region. After returning from HK, he is the process of establishing a Health Insurance Company and is seeking approval from IRDA. He is supported by Sabre Partners in this endeavor, a Private Equity firm, where he now a senior advisor and has been closely engaged with two of Sabre’s investee companies as an Operating Partner. He was the Managing Director of PNB MetLife India from 2006 to 2013, and was instrumental in forging the JV alliance with Punjab National Bank along with the company’s successful re-branding to PNB MetLife. Under his leadership, PNB MetLife became one of the fastest growing and profitable Life Insurance Companies in India. During his tenure, Relan established strong governance & compliance mechanisms, redefined business strategy, re-engineered business models, built scale, strengthened the talent base, and upgraded technology & operations, with customer centricity at the heart of everything, to establish PNB MetLife in India as a world class company.

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